Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

DolphinDolphins are one of the most interesting aquatic forms of life. Extremely smart and fun to be with, dolphins sure know how to charm. Check out some interesting facts about dolphins!

  1. The Killer Whale, which is also known as Orca, is fundamentally a dolphin! It is also the largest member of the family of dolphins and can be about 30 feet in length. So maybe not all dolphins are very friendly.
  2. Dolphins, essentially, are carnivores.
  3. Dolphins can easily jump up to 20 feet above water. It can dive up to 1,000 feet in the water!
  4. Dolphins are the only mammals to give birth with their tail coming out first instead of their head.
  5. Dolphins can swim at a speed that is about three times greater than the speed of the fastest human in the world. They can swim at a whopping 25 miles per hour!
  6. Pod is the name given to a group of dolphins. Dolphins in a pod have intense bonds. They care for the sick ones, the injured and the elderly.
  7. The most common type of dolphin us the Bottlenose dolphin.
  8. A mature dolphin is capable of eating about 30 pounds of fish daily!
  9. Only one side of a dolphin’s brain is asleep at a time because it allows them to breathe and guard against threats while taking rest.
  10. They have an excellent eyesight and hearing. However, they can’t smell very well. They use the method of echolocation for determining the exact location of an object.
  11. Each dolphin’s dorsal fin is unique and can be used to identify it from the others.
  12. Just like cows, dolphins have two stomachs. One for storing food and the other for digesting it.
  13.  A dolphin has close to 100 teeth!



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