Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

A new form of Body Ink made using the Loved Ones’ Remains is hot Right Now!!!

turned into ink and made into tattoos

When a normal person loses someone they keep a part of them forever in order to feel close to them.

Many people used to keep the ashes in a special bowl to remember their loves ones who have passed.

But this is a new trend altogether, where people are now tattooing with the ashes of their loved ones.

These ashes or cremated remains, called “cremains” are being turned into ink to be tattooed.

One such person is Travis Green – he decided to keep something of his father close to him, so he tattooed his father’s ashes on his leg. But he says that he had talked about it with his father when he was alive.

Initially he used to keep those remains around his legs but then later decided that he wanted to feel even closer to his father, so he spoke to him about it. He said that “I brought this up to him once a long time ago, yeah, if you ever die, I will get you tattooed in me, so here I am.’’

This practice has been termed as “commemorative tattoos or ritual tattoos”. Even though it is slowly becoming popular, the medical experts say that whenever you inject or tattoo a foreign substance in your body, there is a chance of getting a wide range of diseases including infections and rejections.

Travis Green says that he isn’t worried about getting an infection but happy that now he is able to carry a part of his father forever with him.