Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

Technology: Even Steve Jobs’ kids not permitted to use

If you are familiar with this drastic advancement of technology, then you must have tried to imagine how difficult it becomes sometimes to raise your children in this age. There has been a huge progress in science and technology since the 90’s. The one question that bothers you is whether to introduce your kids with these wonders of technology or not. There is a trend among the engineers of Silicon Valley; they keep their children away from these technological accessories. They send their children to such schools that do not have technological gadgets, like the Waldorf School in Los Altos.

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In this school, no computers or other Electronic gadgets are found and their primary focus is to enhance the imaginative powers, the capability of creation and increase the thinking power of the mind. Our high addiction to mobiles and other gadgets might be a warning for us that we are actually setting our kids in the wrong path. Now, school students are crazy about violent video games, Xbox games, and play stations. But they lack the interest for playing outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton and hockey. This addiction to the electronic accessories may seem to fulfill our world apparently, but in the long run, it absolutely destroys our capability to create, to think and to imagine.

There is no better alternative than learning from socializing with other humans, having a direct interactive session with them by meeting and exchanging information with them. You won’t have to Google search if you have real friends, not as in facebook friends. So you need not worry about whether you give your kid a smart phone or not but make sure you give your child the proper environment to grow up and have a healthy future.