Mon. May 17th, 2021

volcanoHere’s a wide variety of interesting facts about volcanoes:

  1. The word ‘volcano’ comes from the Italian word ‘vulcano’ which means burning mountain. Vulcan was the name of the Roman god of fire.
  2. According to some geologists, there have been around 1500 volcanoes in the past 10,000 years that have shown some level of activity. In the recent records, there are 500 active above sea level volcanoes. Around 50 of them erupt each year.
  3. Volcanoes are basically orifices on the Earth’s surface. When they become active, they let out ash, gas, hot magma, resulting in violent eruptions.
  4. Magma is the hot liquid rock under the earth’s surface. After it erupts from the volcano, it is called lava.
  5. The biggest known volcano in our solar system is on Mars. Its name is Olympus Mons and is about 13 miles high and 370 miles wide!
  6. Pumice is a rare volcanic rock that can float on water. It is often used as an abrasive and in beauty salons for getting rid of dry, flaky skin.
  7. Some common volcanic gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide.
  8. Volcanoes can usually be found at the meeting point of tectonic plates. The Pacific Ring of Fire is an area around the Pacific Ocean that contains around 75% of the Earth’s volcanoes!
  9. Jupiter’s moon called Io is the object with the greatest volcanic activity in our solar system. Its surface is covered in volcanoes and keeps changing due to the extreme volcanic activity.
  10. Iceland has volcanoes found under icecaps and on the ocean floor!
  11. Large volcanic eruptions are capable of reflecting Sun’s radiations and dropping average temperatures on the Earth by half a degree.
  12. A volcanic eruption can potentially send ash 17 miles above the earth’s surface!