Sun. Jan 29th, 2023

twinsTwins are a fascinating species. They generate a considerable amount of interest and awe from the public at large. Their numbers have only soared in the recent years! Here are some fun facts about twins:

  1. Male twins are not likely to have twins unless their wives are capable of producing two eggs.
  2. 1 in 250 pregnancies result in the birth of identical twins.
  3. Identical twins have the same DNA but have different fingerprints!
  4. Once you’ve given birth to fraternal twins, your chances of having another set increase by three times!
  5. Over the past three decades, the twin birth rate in US has risen by a whopping 76%. This can be attributed to the fact that the average age of mothers has gone up in the US. Laso, there is an upsurge in fertility treatments in the country.
  6. As a woman gets older, her chances of giving birth to a set of twins increase.
  7. Over 40% of twins invent their own secret language. Looks like they have a lot more fun as compared to the others!
  8. Nigeria has the greatest number of identical twins while China has the lowest.
  9. More than 20% of twins are left handed while only 10% of singletons are left handed!
  10. Polar bears are most likely to give birth to twins.
  11. A study reveals that women who consume dairy are five times more likely to have twins as compared to vegan women.
  12. Twins can have different fathers and belong to different races too! This can arise as a result of in vitro fertilization where sperms from two fathers might get mixed up.
  13. A study in Italy points out that twin fetuses start interacting and reaching for each other at just 14 weeks of age! They start bonding in the mother’s womb.



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