Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Human BodyHuman body is composed of cells forming bones and muscles apart from blood vessels and nerves making it a complete living structure. However, there are several hidden facts about them that you need to know for sure.

  1. Brain consumes one-fourth of the total oxygen pumped into the body. This is utilized for the purpose of sending indications for vital body parts regarding the activities that they need to carry on.
  2. A person of 30 years age already has got its heartbeat recorded for more than a billion times already. This rate is so whopping that it is beyond comparison with the consideration of the types of work a heart does such as pumping blood.
  3. Red blood cells originate inside the bone marrow. However, they end up carrying up oxygen to the entire body including crucial parts.
  4. Human body produces a product named melanin. Black complexion is found in those people who have got greater levels of melanin in them. The production of this pigment could be avoided completely by taking external body care such as avoiding sun exposure to skin.
  5. There are 32 teeth in total in humans. However, most of them produce 30 teeth alone with two teeth never surfacing. They are known as wisdom teeth, which is not found in all. However, this is not seen as a major problem.
  6. Staples bone is the smallest of all bones in human body measuring just 2.8 mm. It is found in the mid ear region and is regarded as the most sensitive bone in general. In contrast, the longest bone is the thigh bone located between pelvis and knee.
  7. Nose and ears are the only body parts in humans, which keep growing on as long as you are alive. Perhaps, this is seen as a continuous process beyond any proper reasoning.




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