Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

NatureNature has been the guiding force for man. Though man try to control it many times in the past and present, nature has always proved this action to be wrong and has always displayed what happens if such a thing happens. Knowing about nature better will be helpful in behaving accordingly. Irrespective of all these observations, here are some of the best facts for you in this regard.

  1. A reef is a solid rock of massive sand deposits beneath water. There are very few naturally formed systems such as this in the world. The most popular and biggest one in this regard is Great Barrier Reef of Australia,
  2. Man generates maximum waste in this world both in the form of natural and artificial as well. This has resulted in the coining of the term 3Rs belonging to the waste hierarchy in the order of preference as given afore – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  3. Pacific Ring of Fire has achieved the dubious distinction of being the center of volcanoes in the world. As per an official study, this region is responsible for around 75% of the volcanoes erupting on the earth.
  4. Dolphins are known to be the second biggest intelligent mammals in the world currently being only behind man. As per its natural instincts, it sleeps one eye closed. As a matter of fact, the Killer Whale is actually a dolphin.
  5. Though it is the Pacific Ocean, which is the largest and biggest on the earth. It is the Mariana Trench, which has been highlighted as the Deepest Point on Earth. Perhaps, this ocean surpasses the boundaries of continents as well.
  6. The life for fauna has begun several millions of years before, which is debated with human life as well. It is being considered that plants existed several thousands of years before even before humans existed.



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