Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

teenagersWhen you get a driving license, it is very much important for you to know what a huge responsibility you are getting. A driving license means responsibility to drive properly and sensibly along with freedom and open roads. There may come various situations and problems when you are driving on the road . So, before entering the road, just jot down some of the important things you should keep in mind while driving so that you can handle certain problems when you encounter them. These problems include traffic rules, drinking and driving, road frenzy and much more.

Things teenagers should know about cars and driving are:
• If you are stopped by police, just pull aside your car, turn it off, roll down the window and make your hands visible as making any moves or arguing with the police may lead you to trouble.
• When you have a flat tire, just pull your car off the road, either call roadside assistance or fix it yourself if you have a spare time.
• If any weird noise comes from the car, immediately stop the car and call for assistance. It is very risky to drive a car while it is having serious problems.
• Stay away from drinking and driving, if you are caught doing this, it will lead you to serious troubles.
• Also, do not allow your drunkard friend to drive away, instead take a taxi and ride home.
• Talking on cell phone while driving is completely ban as it can lead to fatal injuries. You can miss a call but you can’t lose your life.
• Buying a new car is really a difficult task, so before pouncing towards one car, make sure you have done all proper research about it.
• If, by chance you meet with an accident, just get out of the car and call for police assistance. Also, if there are no serious injuries and you can drive properly, you can just turn over your parking lights and call for help.