Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

perfumesPerfumes are a great way to smell good and are used since times immemorial. Many evidences from history show that in ancient times also people used to love keeping a collection of different fragrances. Most of the perfumes in ancient times were extracted from natural sources, but gradually things improved, and technological changes lead to development of present day perfumes. Now, most of the perfumes are extracted from non-organic and organic compounds along with different natural products. Perfumes were and are still considered as the best form of gifts. Some brands offer excellent range of perfumes to their consumers. There are different perfumes for different occasions. Hence, one should really try out best perfume and purchase the one that perfectly suits their tastes. Following are some of the facts you should know about perfumes:

• Fragrance of a perfume dissolve with your pulse rate.
• You should apply perfume on the air packets of your body such as ankles, behind the ears, wrist, etc.
• Perfumes evaporate very quickly, so use it as soon as the seal is broken.
• Perfumes help you build image and compliment your personality.
• The choice of your perfume lets people know what type of a person you are.
• Do not try to use cheap perfume brands because it can be really harmful.
• Always spray perfumes on the hem of your dress as this will create a good aroma around you.
• Drops of perfume won’t leave stains on your clothes which are made of wool or nylon, so do not get worried about it.
• Spraying perfume on clothes made of fur will lead to change in color of the fur.
• Strong perfumes should not be used if you are visiting someone in the hospital, it will disturb doctors and patients out there.
• Special smelled perfume should be saved for special occasions and not for office meetings. As spraying strong perfume in meetings will lead to distraction.