Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023


Men are really very difficult to understand and on the top of it they don’t even express things easily. It is really hard to know what men really want and what they wish for. Also, sometimes men are really weird and understanding them, knowing them, what they think, is very difficult. Hence, here are some of the things or facts that you should know about men:

• Most of the men get very self-conscious about themselves.
• Men do think of their old girlfriends even after their marriage or even after getting into a relationship.
• All men are not cheaters and when they cheat, there is a specific reason behind it.
• A lot of men really love to be romantic at times.
• Some men do friends in girls who are religious or spiritual or even non-sexual.
• Men are not capable of having sex with ‘no strings attached’.
• Men really get impressed by women who are very friendly.
• Most of the men do think about future seriously, having a great long future.
• Men may flirt around all day with different girls, but at night when they sleep, they really think about the love of their life.
• Men are real fans of smile of a woman and they truly get attracted towards them.
• Men will do anything to gain attention of their girl.
• Men actually hate women who talk about their ex-boyfriends or ex-lovers.
• Men like women letting them know that they love them.
• Never talk about your male friends in front of your man.
• A woman is a man’s weakness.
• Men are much more emotional than people think they are.
• Men love you more than you love them if they are in a serious relationship.
• Try to be as much straightforward as you can while talking to a man, they don’t like to hang around the bush.