Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

girlGirls can make your life heaven and at times even hell. It depends on the guy, where he wishes to go. However, on a serious note, it is very important for a guy to know what his girl is thinking about him. All guys out there should know few simple things about girls which can help them keep their girl happy. Girls think a lot and at the same time they even expect a lot more from a guy. Girls want a guy who knows everything about her and who is ready to fulfill all her wishes. Girls are emotional, sensitive, caring, loving along with being stubborn, cruel, weird, etc. at times.

Following are some of the most important and simple things guys should know about girls:

  1. Girls are very shy about being in a relationship.
  2. Girls mostly care about the personality of a guy, hot body is just an option for them.
  3. Most of the girls like guys calling them pretty and beautiful rather than hot and sexy.
  4. Girls are under the impression that most of the guys want only skinny girls.
  5. When it comes to their nicknames, each and every girls has some or the other nickname.
  6. Many girls don’t like guys who always blabber about pervert things.
  7. Girls like to feel special even though they may never express it.
  8. As you must have noticed, many girls are very hygienic, so it is most obvious that girls won’t like guys having a bad hygiene.
  9. Girls love it a lot when guys pull them closer by holding their waist.
  10. Most of the girls love guys who are always willing to dance, whether they know or don’t know how to dance.
  11. Some girls think and dream about their crush for more than eighteen hours.
  12. If guys say something really emotional, girls will remember it forever.
  13. When a girl is upset, just try to listen to all her stupid drama, but don’t try to advise her or help fix it.
  14. Girls love the confidence in a guy.
  15. When girls cook something special for you, it means they love you a lot and you really mean a lot to them.