Sun. Mar 7th, 2021


Being dependent on anyone for everything is not a good thing. Self-independency or self-reliance is the best way to live your life. Self-reliance is the most important thing that can help you live a good and healthy life. You need to master some of the basic skills in order to avoid being dependent on others. Things everyone must know how to do are:

1. One should surely know how to light fire as it is one of the basic necessities of life.
2. Knowing all the operations about computer can prove beneficial as fundamental computer knowledge is vital nowadays.
3. Google knows each and every thing, so need to know how to search effectively on Google.
4. Learn basic cooking. If you can’t cook basic meals, you are surely going to waste a lot of money on outside food when your wife is not at home.
5. It is very important that you know how to deliver bad news to somebody.
6. Changing tires is a very difficult task, but you really need to know how to change tires because someday you will surely need to do one.
7. Manage a job interview and do not get real nervous. You need to make sure you are completely prepared for the interview.
8. Time management is one of the toughest tasks, but one needs to learn how to manage things at proper time.
9. Remembering names is a great deal, but one must have sharp memory to remember names as people like those who remember their names.
10. Police can always run in to you uninvited, so make sure you know the art of getting rid of the police because getting in to jail is not a jolly thing.
11. Everyone should know basic first aid solutions as it will be very useful during emergencies.
12. Paint a room as painting costs a lot so painting some unimportant walls in your house can help you save some money.
13. Smile for a picture as many people do not smile or pose in front of camera and mostly avoid it.
14. Everyone should follow some rules and gestures to become a respectful guest at someone’s place.
15. Each individual who loves driving should know all traffic and driving rules in order to avoid trouble.