Tue. Jun 15th, 2021

EarthLiving upon the Earth without knowing enough information is something that appears to be an odd deal. There are several sources available online from which you could gather not just exciting but also unbelievable facts about the planet.

Given below are some of the best facts for your quick consideration.

  1. Though there is not much surface movement upon Earth now, it was a boiling block several billions of years ago when it was formed newly. However, the molten rock hardened with most of the volcanoes still hot in the earth’s crust in most parts of the world.
  2. Natural gas is available predominantly, but interestingly it has got no odor as every presumes to be. However, a strong smell is added by humans so that they could predict the location of leaks whenever any untoward incident has been sensed.
  3. Tectonic plates influence the movement of regions to a maximum extent. The melting of Himalayas is attributed to this region. Also, it is widely believed they are inching faster towards India increasing the risks of earthquakes and volcanoes.
  4. It is because of the different tectonic plates located due to which several countries are moving in a wrong path. The most famous evidence in this regard is that of Hawaii, which is heading towards Japan at a velocity of 10 cm every year.
  5. Sahara Desert is the biggest deserts located in the world. Perhaps, it is located in the African continent covering a third of the country on the whole. The second biggest desert in the world too is located in Africa and is known as Kalahari Desert.
  6. Nile River is the longest river the world has ever known with a running distance of 6696 kilometers. It has featured in The Ten Commandments as well making it a historic river for sure.