Mon. May 17th, 2021

lightLight is a form of energy abundantly available in the world. As far as natural light is considered, it is produced directly by sun. During nights, the moon is known to focus light upon earth with the light absorbed from sun. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons by moon is regarded as the natural satellite of earth.

  1. According to physics, light is nothing but electromagnetic spectrum. Alternatively, it is that part of spectrum that can be seen. Meanwhile, some insects are capable of viewing UV rays that humans cannot see.
  2. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to humans as they cause skin cancer and other problems. There are UV screens available in the market capable of successfully protecting humans from them. Ozone layer is present in the outer atmosphere with offering maximum protection to earth.
  3. Optics is an exclusive branch of study available as part of science, which is meant for the behavior of light. However, the visionary standards are greatly influenced by the opticians who are responsible in providing eyesight for humans.
  4. According to famous scientist Isaac Newton, a thin beam of sun when passed through a prism will result in the creation of several other colors of rays such as Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, commonly referred to as VIBGYOR.
  5. Light travels much faster than any other form of energy or wave. Perhaps, one of the significant differences between light and sound is that light is capable of traveling in vacuum as well. Meanwhile, sound waves cannot pass through vacuum.
  6. Whenever lightning or thunderstorm strikes the earth, light is first seen and then sound. However, both are produced at the same time. It happens because of the differences in wavelengths because of which is light is seen first.

Several other facts about light are available providing a greater insight about its characteristics.