Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

1. The highest soccer score was 149-0!

In 2002 Stade Olympique de L’emyrne lost a match against AS Adema of Madagascar due to a penalty. As a protest, the team purposely scored 149 goals into their own net during the following game.  (Source)

image : Glenn Harper
image : Glenn Harper

2. A soccer simulation game which was banned by China

Sports Interactive and Sega, introduced a game, Football Manager 2005. It included Tibet and Taiwan as separate countries. China banned it because the content was considered harmful to China’s sovereignty. (Source)

3.  A soccer player ended a 5 year war of Ivory Coast!

Didier Drogba suggested the African Cup of Nations qualifier match be played in Bouake, the rebel’s land, which proved to be a turning point for the country and brought it together for the first time in five years. (Source)

4.  At 13, Ronaldinho had scored all the goals in a 23-0 game

Ronaldinho, at the age of13, scored 23 goals in a match against a local team. He was considered to be a rising star during the 1997 U-17 World Championship. (Source)

5.  In 1988, a bolt of lightning killed an entire soccer team!

During a match in October 1998 a bolt of lightning hit the ground killing the entire team of the Democratic Republic of Congo. (read more)

6.  Barbados once scored a goal on their own goal post to win a match!

In 1994 during the Caribbean Cup tournament, in a Barbados Vs Grenada match, the score reached 2-1. Barbados scored a goal on their own nets to get the golden goal opportunity. (Source)

7.  Thai kids built a floating soccer wooden field!

Having a great desire to play soccer but not having enough flat surfaces to play the game, the children of a Thai village built a wooden soccer field out of old wood and fishing rafts.

8.  American Football and Soccer have the same source sport!

During the 19th century, most of the games played in the public schools of America involved kicking a ball to score. Eventually Rugby became the game of America, we know today. (Source)

9. In 1964 a referee’s decision during a soccer match caused a riot that killed more than 300 people!

During a qualifier match in Lima, Peru, in 1964 Olympics, the referee discarded a goal for Peru which resulted in a riot killing hundreds. (source)

10. A soccer player can run about 10 km in a game! 

In 2007, AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso was calculated to have run around 10 km in the game against Manchester United.

11. The North Korean women’s soccer team lost a match due to being struck by lightning!

After losing a match, the North Korean coach Kwang Min Kim explained that the team lost due to being hit and affected badly by lightning during training.

12. Colombian sports fan’s dead body and coffin was carried to watch a soccer match

Friends of Christopher Jacome, a 17-year old soccer fan from Colombia, carried his coffin for the final match of Christopher’s favorite team Cucuta Deportivo.

13. Australia’s biggest win in an international soccer match over American Samoa is 31-0

During the World Cup qualifier match for FIFA 2002, the Australians beat Samoa by 31-0 on 11th April 2001.

14. In 1996 World Cup trophy was stolen and later retrieved by a dog.
The Jules Rimet trophy of gold was stolen on March 20, 1996. It was later recovered by a dog named Pickles.