Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Football enthusiasts in the central African country of Congo were throwing allegations of witchcraft at one another after a freak explosion of lightning struck dead a whole squad on the playing ground while their rivals were left unhurt.

The weird rage by the weather conditions to all 11 affiliates of the football squad was accounted in the daily paper L’Avenir in Kinshasa, the center of Congo. A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team.

“Lightning slaughtered at a blow 11 young citizens aged between twenty and thirty-five years in a football game,” the daily reported. It continued to state that 30 other people had obtained burns at the weekend game, hosted in the eastern region of Kasai. “The team members from Basanga [the home squad] oddly emerged out of this tragedy safe and sound.”

The feeling that the black arts may be engaged arose first of all since the opposing group came out unhurt and on the other hand since the score at the moment was a carefully balanced one all.

“The precise temperament of the lightning has split the residents in this area which is recognized for its use of manias in football,” the daily remarked.

A great deal of the detail in relation to the game remains difficult to understand while Congo – formally recognized as Democratic Republic of Congo – stays wounded by civil fighting between the administration of Laurent Kabila and radical forces, supported by bordering Rwanda, to the east of the nation.

Witchcraft is time and again faulted for unpleasant natural phenomena all over central and western Africa. It is fairly frequent for football groups to sign up witchdoctors to put magic charms on their rivals.

In a related occurrence in South Africa, six football players from a home group were wounded after lightning hit the playing ground, even though there were no losses.

source : bbc