Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023


Women are the most difficult human beings to understand. Women are full of emotions, sensitivity, sexiness, intelligence, beauty and much more. The moment you think you know everything about women, just think again, it will seem that you are still short of some more information. There are various facts related to women that are still away from men’s knowledge.

Following are some of the facts you should know about women:

  • Women ejaculate just like men do, but they don’t drop out sperms.
  • It is said that women who take birth control pills are considered to be less attractive.
  • Women really hate comparisons among each other. So do not even dare to compare your women with anyone else.
  • PMS really makes all women little cranky and irritating. This biological discomfort every month makes some women really angry.
  • Each and every women notices when you look at her breasts, so think again next time before looking at her in that way.
  • Women also have a sex drive that erupts every time you touch them either on shoulders or behind the ears and so on.
  • Women really love those men who take good care of them.
  • Women truly love doing and expressing a lot of romance.
  • No matter how much dieting a women does, she will always indulge in eating her favorite desserts.
  • Though not in front of everyone, but women also grab their crotches in their own privacy.
  • Women can even get multiple orgasms.
  • Women always carry a handbag with themselves wherever they go.
  • Not all women bathe every day, and hell yes, this one is super true. Many of the women avoid bathing on some days all because of their laziness.
  • Even after having sex, women enjoy having long hours of kissing sessions.