Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was known to be a very generous dictator of Germany. He freed Germany from the rule of British with his dictatorship. If you think you know everything about Hitler from your history books, then you should think again, because there are some interesting facts you must be missing out on.

Following are some of the interesting facts you should know about The Adolf Hitler:
1. Completely vegetarian dictator. You can’t connect vegetarianism with the man who was completely associated with merciless killings on a large scale. But, Hitler was a vegetarian dictator. He became a vegetarian following the footsteps of his former girlfriend who committed a suicide.
2. What does swastika mean? Hitler was inspired by a very prominent swastika adorned on the arms of a coat in Benedictine monastery. Also, this symbol of swastika was used widely in many places for incarnation. Finally, in twentieth century, Hitler claimed it to be the symbol of Nazi cause.
3. Typical handwriting. A famous psychologist said after studying the handwriting of Hitler that he was a man having typical characteristics with feminine instincts.
4. Awarded by Time Magazine. Hitler was awarded as ‘Man of the Year 1938’ by the very poplar Time Magazine that also noted that Hitler was the greatest force in the year 1938 which today’s freedom loving, democratic world faces.
5. The moustache. Hitler was advised to lose his typical mustache that looked like Charlie Chaplin, but on this advice he bluntly said that if this is not in fashion now, it will be in fashion later, but he won’t lose it. Charlie Chaplin was the one from whom he was inspired. The moustache really helped Hitler in creating his own image among the people of Germany and further becoming a dictator.