Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

UniverseThe Universe is an ever expanding wonder of a space. There are amazing events and phenomena happening here each second. Stars, galaxies, meteorites, planets and energy form part of our awe inspiring universe.  Despite our fascination with the universe and all things elusive, we are unaware of the facts and truths about it. Here are seven mind blowing facts about our universe:

1.    The Universe possibly has a far greater number of dimensions than what we can perceive. The Superstring theory suggests there could be a total of eleven dimensions in the universe! There are forces and energies well outside our reach. This sure does add more than a hint of mystery to the universe.
2.    Human beings are practically made out of stars. Our constituent elements like carbon, hydrogen, calcium, nitrogen etc have come from the stars. Before the stars existed, there was only hydrogen and helium in the universe. However, human beings are composed of a lot more. Thus, it can be said that we are composed of the core elements of a star.
3.    A total of one million Earths possibly could fit in the Sun. The Sun is the most important star for us. It is not as large as the others but it is the reason for sustainable life on Earth.
4.    The center of the Milky Way Galaxy tastes like a raspberry and smells like rum. Now you have the perfect reason to travel to the center of the universe!
5.    Mars has the biggest mountain in the Solar System. It is called the Olympus Mons, a volcanic giant of rock and red dirt.
6.    Our planet is a billion years old. Life on earth, though, has been around for a shorter while.
7.    Neutron stars are the densest objects in our universe. During a supernova explosion, they are created inside the core of large stars. A sugar cube of a neutron star weighs more than a large mountain.