Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Facebook FactsFacebook has become an indispensable part of our lives with surprising speed. Logging in at least once a day is now a necessity we have given in to. A careful study of the much loved social network reveals some interesting facts. Here are 8 shocking Facebook facts you must know:

1.    The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness and this is the reason why Facebook is predominantly blue. It is the color he can see most clearly, which is why the website has sported a neat blue look from the beginning.

2.    If you add the number 4 to the end of the Facebook URL, you will be directed to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall page. Adding other numbers to the web address will open other employees’ web pages.

3.    A new study by an Ohio University doctoral candidate reveals that college students who are addicted to the website have a lower grade point average as compared to non users. This study was conducted in 2009 and surveyed both undergraduate and graduate students. However, more than 70% users feel there is no correlation between networking and their academics.

4.    A whopping 300 million people suffer from FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder), a term coined by US psychologists for people whose lives are controlled by the network. The common symptoms are decreased productivity, lower concentration levels and isolation in some cases.

5.    Facebook offers $500 to anybody who can discover a security loophole and hack it. The website states that people are encouraged to find a security vulnerability and report it right away, in return for a monetary benefit.

6.    The sad looking guy in blue on Facebook’s earlier home page was none other than famous actor Al Pacino. He was the first face of the website.

7.    The website didn’t seem to be very mother friendly when it came up with its no breastfeeding photos policy. The website is okay with photos of women in skimpy outfits though.

8.    Close to 30% users have been dumped on Facebook. It is easy as changing your relationship status to ‘single’.