Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

I think after reading the title you might have got the taste of creepiness which would be in this post. As the title tells you, a man living in Vietnam dug up his wife’s body and then with the help of clay he molded it into a female mannequin and now he sleeps with her and tries to get the pleasure he used to get with his wife.A Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years

This 55-year-old guy named Le Van lives in the central Quang Nam Province with his son and his dead wife.


According to various reports, it is said the Van used to sleep besides his wife’s grave after she died in 2003. He made a tunnel and used to sleep everyday besides her wife’s grave. But soon the neighbors got to know about this practice and stopped him from doing so. But Van didn’t stop there, again in 2004 he returned to the grave and this time he dug the corpse of his wife and took it to his home. He moulded it with clay and made a female figure with his wife’s remains.

Van and his son assume her as his wife and his son’s mother. They both used to sleep with that figure and used to fulfill the need of mother and a wife.

But this might be soon ended as the local authorities say that according to new sanitation laws a body must be cremated or buried and these type of burial can’t be done in residential places without special permission.