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A 12 year old school girl gave birth to a 7lb 4oz Girl two weeks ago, she was pregnant by her 13 year old boyfriend when she was 11 years old and was still in primary school. As per the records, she is recorded as the youngest mother in the U.K. The year 7 pupil and the baby’s father who claim to be head over heels for each other have been together for a year and now are believed to be the youngest parents in Britain.

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A 12-year old girl has become Britain’s Youngest Mother

Maternal grandfather of the new born admitted that initially when he came to know about his daughter’s pregnancy. He broke in to emotions but now he is a proud father, to see his daughter bring something beautiful in the world rather than getting in to drugs; hence he wishes to support his daughter and grandchild in every possible way.

In conversation with Nick Ferrari on LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) father of the youngest mother claimed himself as a ‘proud granddad’ and also withheld the new parent’s identity while speaking to Nick, but he also assured that both sets of the parents are supporting youngsters.

Girl’s father also revealed that his daughter’s pregnancy was found by him just a month ago, during that time she was already 8 months pregnant, the baby was about to come into the world anyways. So in this case father had no option but to support his young daughter in spite of the fact that it is heartbreaking for both the families but again time cannot be turned. He also mentions that the families were clueless about the young couple’s sexual activeness, but also pledges that he will not let his 9 year old son and 3 year old daughter to do the same mistake.

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