Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023


Food is one of the most important elements required for human body. Some of the foods are really addictive but really harmful for our body. Food is one thing with which we interact regularly on a daily basis. Hence, even food companies work according to human brains and make people buy their products. At the end of the day, we end up eating a lot of salty, sugary and sweet food every day. Some of the foods are really tempting and you seriously can’t resist yourself from eating them. Hence, to avoid such overload of food, you need to be careful about what all things you should eat and you shouldn’t. For this, we should be aware of some of the interesting facts about food.

  • It is said that salt is as much addictive as cigarettes and drugs and hence, you should avoid too much salty food.
  • Make sure you consume foods that do not contain colors, sweeteners, preservatives and even artificial flavors. So look out for foods which include natural ingredients.
  • Eating too much oily food will lead you to attract lots of diseases and disorders.
  • The first soup was made up of hippopotamus.
  • It is very much important that whatever you eat is completely nutritious for your body.
  • Coconut water is used as an alternate for blood plasma.
  • You need to give up on unhealthy foods such as biscuits, doughnuts, soft drinks, ice cream, mayonnaise, packaged foods and much more.
  • Your daily diet should include foods like whole wheat grain, fruits, cereals, vegetables, water, and milk and so on.
  • Calcium is very much essential for strengthening of bones and teeth so you should surely eat calcium rich foods such as spinach, soya beans, yogurt and many other dairy products.
  • You should prefer healthy food habits over junk foods.
  • Bananas are very rich in potassium and thus it helps you to prevent ulcers.