8 Realistic Facts about Spain you must know

spainSpain is one of the fine and most prominent place for the tourist to visit. Spain is preferred as the most preferable tourist destination because Spain is blessed with the pleasant climatic condition and beautiful natural scenario. Such charming environment is demanded for a comfortable and royal vacation. If you’re planning to enjoy your next vacation on Spain, it is very essential for you to gather some information about the country including lifestyle of people, culture and tradition followed by natives of the country etc. Here are some special facts about Spain which you must definitely know before having your visit to Spain.

  • Madrid is the capital city of Spain which offers charming atmosphere with whirling winds to the visitor.
  • Spain is of the top three most visited countries in the world because of the adventurous spots available here for making their trip memorable.
  • The culture and tradition of Spain is quite interesting. There is no system of giving attractive amount as a tip to the waiter of restaurants because they became happy after receiving only few coins from the customer whom they served on the food table.
  • For the election of a President, public poll system is not followed in Spain because it is the King of Spain who nominates an eligible candidate for the post of President.
  • Spain is the 4th largest country of Europe and around 98% of total population living here belongs to the Roman Catholic.
  • Taxis in Spain are identified by green light on the roof. If you want to hire a taxi in Spain, you just need to call wagon having green light on the top.
  • Spain is well known for adventurous events like Bull Fighting, karting, Skating, Ice Hockey etc. Bull fighting is the most popular traditional event of Spain.
  • Border of Spain is connected with France, Portugal, Morocco and Andorra.



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