Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

An Australian woman bought two iPhones from a Web site but when she received her packages, they contained just one apple each.

A woman in Australia who went onto the classifieds Web site Gumtree, in search of a couple of iPhones. The core of an agreement was reached between the woman and another woman who called her on seeing the ad.  They arranged to meet at a McDonald’s in the Sunnybank suburb of Brisbane.  All went very well. The buyer handed over 1,500 Australian dollars (around US $1,336). In return, she got two shiny new iPhones still in their shiny new boxes.


At least, that’s what she thought.

But when she opened the boxes all that was inside were two apples. One in each box.

Yes, these boxes were all natural logo and no gadget. The seller had been rotten to her pips.

Though some might wonder what special care the seller must have taken to fit two apples precisely into iPhone boxes.