Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

There are 7 different kinds of twins Identical, Fraternal, Half-Identical, Mirror Image Twins, Mixed Chromosome Twins, Superfecundation, and Superfetation; not sure what they are?? Well they are different types of twins. Most of us are aware about the first two types of twins that are Identical and Fraternal.  Identical twins have different personalities from each other. In spite of the fact that they come from the same sperm and are developed from the same egg, they have certain differences in their D.N.A. In spite of this they do have unique finger prints and similar brain patterns.

There are 7 different kinds of twins

Mirror Image twins are similar to Identical twins. They appear as if they are the mirror image of each other. The best example for this would be if one of the twins is right handed than the other one will be left handed. It also counts habits and dislikes of the mirror image twins. Fraternal Twins are not like Identical twins they have nothing in common except of the same birthday date excluding some rare cases. Fraternal twins may also have different skin colors and complexion.

Half Identical twins are very rare to born. They inherit same genes from the mother but have different genes from the father. So when you see a Twin looking same like his or her mother but have eating or laughing style like his or her father then be assured that the twins are Half Identical twins.

Twins of any type or genre they have always been a part of cute amusement and surprise when we see them in public. The most surprising type of twins is Superfecundation. The development of the second egg happens after a fertilization of the first one, the span of fertilization in such cases is usually after 12 to 48 hours of the first one.

Superfetation is the similar occurrence of more than 1 stage of development in the same animal, but in humans this tendency is quiet different as women have only one uterus; so the delivery of twins depend on their development. In some of these cases labour pain lasts for hours, while in some cases twins are delivered after few days or week.