Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

According to scientists, This is the most relaxing tune ever recorded.

Listening to Music is one of the most loving way of relaxing. It is been observed that at the time of relaxation a soothing slow song is always preferred by people. Keeping this idea in mind, musical band from Manchester, United Kingdom named, Macroni Union has recorded a 8 minutes long music which helps in sleeping and relaxation, major instruments used in this are piano, guitars and electronic sounds of natural escapes. It is also said that it is harmful to listen to this tune while driving as it lowers down mental activity and induces sleep.

Macroni Union closely worked with sound therapists in order to create soothing tune, which slows breathing and brain activity. Harmonies, rhythms and bass lines are arranged in such a way that the tune slows down heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and also lowers the level of stress hormone cortisol.

In order to see the effectiveness of these tunes, scientists played the song to 40 women and then women were connected to sensors. Hence were gives puzzles to solve in a particular time period in order to increase stress level in them. Through sensors their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing were recorded. Before weightless many different songs were played just to observe their heart beats and brain activity. After some time when the experiment was evaluated, it was astonishing to see that these women were drowsy in lab. As this song has a power of reducing 65% of overall anxiety. In fact it pushes it down to 35% which is very less than the usual rates. The study commissioned by Radox Spa and Bubble bath agrees that this song is more relaxing than a massage or a cup of tea.

During the experiment it was also observed that weightless was 11% more soothing and relaxing than any other song. The magic in this song is because of its components which feature ancient Buddhists chants which create a trance like state. Studies also shows that this world’s most relaxing song.

Hence it would not be wrong saying that this song will be used as therapy for people with anxiety, depression or blood pressure issues.

(source/HT : dailymail, youtube)