Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

An Arizona Woman was Detained for Supposedly Compelling her Boyfriend’s 3-year-old Daughter to Consume Feces as Reprimand

A lady is facing criminal accusations for supposedly compelling her boyfriend’s 3 year-old daughter to consume her own feces.

Nicole Candelaria (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

The kid’s father states his girlfriend has a bad mood and sensed like she was angry for the reason that their relationship was on the verge of ending.

He states he sensed as if something was off beam however did not make out what was bad.

Candelaria is as well accused of compellingly holding the child on the toilet in her Tempe apartment building. Investigators state bruising on the kid’s side was constant with that.
Police state bruising was as well found on the kid’s back, legs and upper body.

The mother of the kid called law enforcement after she states the 3-year-old told her in relation to the event after a 6-day stay with her dad and Candelaria who was his lover of about a year.

The 3-year-old brother and twin sister observed the supposed abuse.

Law enforcement state Candelaria was taking care of the kids whereas her boyfriend, the dad of the kids, worked.

A Local TV station asked the dad if he trusted the accusations, he responded, “uh yes, however I do not wish to speak to the news”.

Off camera, the kid’s father said he feels responsible, that he sensed something was wrong however states no abuse took place while he was in the house.

Neighbors reported listening to Candelaria yell and hit her boyfriend. He told reporters that just happened one time however confesses she has a bad anger.

When asked if he could allow her back in the house, he responded, “no”.

Candelaria refutes the accusations. She is held in a Maricopa County prison on a $5,400 bond. The kid’s father states his three kids are currently in CPS protection.

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