Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Sarah Baboro and David Lesage, students of Public relations from a school in Belgium, were asked to make a video for their final examination which would create a lot of publicity and views. So in order to achieve desired grades in the examination duo recruited a French makeup artist who is also a friend of Sarah, named Marie P and their mutual model friend for the concept. The concept of the duo was to make a model walk on the local street of France with just a G String on her lower body and with a illusion of faded blue jeans with the help of body paint.


Marie. P was always amused by the art of body painting, hence took up this assignment to try her hands on the skill of body painting so as per the plan, she painted the body of the model with light blue colour in a way of faded blue tight skinny jeans would look like.


Post which model was asked to walk on the street of local area, and this walk of her was recorded, along with the reactions of the people. Some of them were amused where some of them were just confused, and some talked about it, some followed, on confirmation of secret behind those faded jeans some people clicked pictures with her. The impact of painted blue jeans was such that it became viral and was trend on various websites, blogs and social networking websites. In other words the BUZZ was too difficult to resist.


Thus overall the entire plan was a symbolic success, with great concept and execution. Hence there is no doubt that the duo of Sarah Barboro and David Lesage will have exceptionally good result for the same.

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source : dailymail   intoday

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