Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

On the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, there is a geothermal attraction called as Hot Water Beach. In between high and low tides, warm water from the underground hot spring which rises up through to the sand. This water is availed to the visitors by scooping a shallow hole in the sand and hence shaping it as a small pool of warm water to relax on. But nature’s this phenomenon is only possible in between the time of low to mid tide that is when the water is available to expose the area of sand containing water underneath.


    image credit : Steve & Jem Copley

During holiday seasons hundreds of people with their families and friends visit this beach with a spade and bucket to dig pools which are large enough to relax and lay on. The warmth of water depends on the deepness of the pool. Highest temperature of this water could reach up to 64 degrees. It’s often seen that diggers would also dig a channel to the sea to allow cold water from it to mix in.


    image credit : Steve & Jem Copley


    image credit : takver


    image credit : madeleine_h

With the flow of the high tide, individually created hot pool is washed away, kind of clearing the way for the next batch of visitors. Like every positive has a negative the same way this beach is welcoming and warm till a caution is followed, every visitor has to exercise the same the reason behind this is that the hot springs are very near to the sea even during the low tide, and due to which visitors are prone to be caught under a dangerous rip current and might also have large breaking waves which has already taken a lives of many.


    image credit : valerioveo

Thus this master piece of nature can be relished and enjoyed by having some precautionary measures to avoid accidents.

source : wikipedia