Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Faith a two legged dog owned by Ms Jude Stringfellow, was born with one of her front leg missing and where as the other was amputated due to its deformed structure. Ms Strongfellow’ son adopted faith and took care of her.

During her initial days with the family she was carried all over the place. Her lure for spoonful of peanut butter helped her jump and eventually walk with her two hind legs. Hence now little faith walks with lots of confidence. This confidence and spirit of fighting against all odds made little faith a sensation, her regular appearance on talk shows and various newspapers. A website dedicated to faith is owned by Jude, she also left her teaching post to take faith around the world, and let people know that one can have a perfect soul in spite of a imperfect body, Jude takes little faith to the hospitals to see veterans, faith’s visit to veterans is filled with lots of jumps, laughter and barking.

Faith is accepted with immense love, warmth and surprise and pointing. Jude also mentions that during faith’s visit to the hospital make many veterans who lost their limb and friends get reminded of the fact that, life doesn’t stop. People express gratitude, to Jude, some just stay awestruck. Because of faith’s popularity Jude receives lots of mails from her fans and admirers, there is also a website dedicated to faith which is taken care of by Jude. Young US army men, too find faith astonishing, as she creates lots of positivity and gives them strength in a way to survive in the hazardous environment, Faith’s come what may attitude will soon be penned down in a inspiring book named ‘With a little faith’.


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