Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

We all know that there are mummies and they are wrapped up in cloth and kept in coffins. But this time it is little different, this mummy was found in 1999 by an expedition group. Unlike other mummies, this was frozen in Ice and it is till now the best preserved mummy ever. This is a mummy of a 15 year old girl who is named as ‘La Doncella’ which means The Maiden in English. She was frozen for more than 500 years in the ice but still her body looks like she is dead only a few weeks ago.


Incan Girl who had been frozen for 500 years

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From the condition of body it was judged that the Incan people used to take the victims to the mountains and left them there to die. After the judgment of the body, scientists say that the Inca religion followed the practice of Sacrifice for the god in which they used Children as the victim.

This sacrifice was done by the priests as they took children to mountains and gave them a drug to minimize pain, fear and resistance. After the drug was given to children they used to kill them by giving a blow to the head and left them unconscious in the white snows which lead to their death.

 (source : sciencedaily)