Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Things Men Are Afraid to Ask FoMen can show that they are much stronger than women, but when it comes to asking something, men always stand last in the queue. It is not that only women expect things from men and want them to do. The opposite gender also wishes the same from females.  Therefore, it is very much necessary for all you ladies out there to know what your husband is afraid to ask for.

All men love if sometimes women initiate sex. It makes them feel loved, but they are not able to express this wish.

Always say some or the other thing when you are just chilling out with your partner. Men don’t like women just lying down with them.

One thing which all men would love to ask is, “what do you seriously mean by saying ‘I am fine’ ?”

Most of the men are afraid to ask their partners to lose weight but they really want women to keep a watch on their weight.

Men are very curious to know that if females are not going to have all those dozens and kilos of healthy food, then why they buy such food.

What’s behind buying so many shoes and cosmetic products? This is one question females should surely answer to all their partners as men are dying to know the answer.

All men surely think, why their wife chit chat about her sex life with her friends.

Men love when women express themselves and this even makes them proud.

Men don’t like women guiding for directions as they know where to drive, better than females.

Men want to know why ladies always get late while getting ready.

Men are very afraid to ask women about their patience and intelligence level, as women always end up shouting unnecessarily on men.