Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Wandering AlbatrossBirds are really very special creature on earth which looks very beautiful when they fly high in the sky. Birds of different species are found in natures which are adaptable to different weather conditions. However, there are some special species of birds which do have feathers but can’t fly. Whenever, it comes about charming flightless birds, name of the wandering Albatross usually comes first in the mind of human beings. Here are some special facts about the Wandering Albatross that will surely make you feel amaze about thing wonderful living creature.

  • The wandering Albatross is the largest flightless bird in the world which is usually found in the Turkey. They are well known for having very wide wingspan. In fact, it has a wingspan of total 12 feet under which an adult human being can lie down with ease and comfort.
  • The weight of this wonderful creature is around 25 pounds and they are one of the most long lived creatures in the world. In fact they can live life of 70 or more years.
  • The wandering Albatross received its name as the flightless bird because they are real lovers of flying high in the sky. Their zeal to fly can be predicted as they can fly and cover over 600 miles distance in one day which is really a benchmark of even human beings.
  • During their life, they normally cover a distance of 15 million miles. It will not be wrong to say that the wandering albatross covers the distance of moon 18 times in its entire lifespan.
  • The young wandering albatross on leaving the nest first time, they spent around 7 year flying out at the sea.
  • It is shocking to know that this specie of living bird is on the Red list of conservation status because many of them were caught by human beings during fishing.



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