Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

OstrichOstrich is the largest living bird in the world and it is well known for having very fast running capability. In fact, Ostrich can run up to 60 miles per hour which is really a bench for any living creature. Ostrich is a completely flightless creature but their running speed worth’s more than the flying ability of Ostrich. Here are some interesting facts about Ostrich which I’m sure you’ve never read earlier anywhere.

  • Ostrich are related to life evolutionary tree which makes them somehow similar to chicken. But in reality chickens and ostriches are distant cousins.
  • Ostriches are related to the big birds of Sesame Street and are capable to view human beings even from the upper height of 9 feet comfortably. Their running speed is 60 miles per hour and their tall as well as colorful body makes them most beautiful living creature in the world too.
  • The weights of Ostriches are very high even than Tinamous. Ostriches weigh at a hefty 350 pounds. You can imagine their weight only by having a look on to their eggs which are 6 times thicker in shape then eggs of normal chicken. Their eggs are very strong and can bear the load of an adult man standing on it without causing even small crack on to the egg.
  • Though, ostriches are big, fast and heavy yet is will be wrong to say that smart creature because in reality ostriches are not so smart and their memory sharpness is weaker than their eye-sight.
  • Many times it seems that Ostriches sticks their heads in the sand but in reality, they do not stick their heads in the sand, they just do acting of sticking their heads so that they can easily catch their meal without any disturbance.

I hope that all these fats about Ostriches mush have shocked you a lot.



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