10 operations by a Brazilian that lead him to look like a Korean

A man named Xiahn, formerly known as Max, was so obsessed with the Korean culture that he underwent 10 operations to look Asian.

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

Asian culture is very famous throughout the world and it has attracted a lot of people. Some of the people buy memorabilia of the Asian shows, some people dress like their favorite characters that were shown at those shows, others learn how to speak an Asian language. But a Brazilian has done which no one can think of.

Max, who is now known as Xiahn, became such a fan of the Korean culture that he had undergone 10 cosmetic operations in order to transform his Caucasian complexion that lead him to look like a Korean guy.

It is really a very astonishing job to do and even more astonishing is the fact that lead him do this.

Xiahn was a lover of Korean dramas and pop music. He told the Zero Hora a Brazilian newspaper that, “I wanted my eyes to be slanted so I tried by pulling my eyes. This is what I always wanted.” He always wanted to have dark hair and slanted eyes.

He spent a total amount of $3,000 and underwent 10 cosmetic operations so that he may look like an Asian man. In order to make his hair black, he dyes them every day and uses dark eye contacts.

This is what he responded to the critics on Facebook: “Of whatever religion you may be and may or may not have faith in past lives, this life is what you have all got and it is your choice what you decide to be.”

Steve Jobs strictly limited his kids’ use of technology

Technology: Even Steve Jobs’ kids not permitted to use

If you are familiar with this drastic advancement of technology, then you must have tried to imagine how difficult it becomes sometimes to raise your children in this age. There has been a huge progress in science and technology since the 90’s. The one question that bothers you is whether to introduce your kids with these wonders of technology or not. There is a trend among the engineers of Silicon Valley; they keep their children away from these technological accessories. They send their children to such schools that do not have technological gadgets, like the Waldorf School in Los Altos.

Image Source: www.iclarified.com
Image Source: www.iclarified.com

In this school, no computers or other Electronic gadgets are found and their primary focus is to enhance the imaginative powers, the capability of creation and increase the thinking power of the mind. Our high addiction to mobiles and other gadgets might be a warning for us that we are actually setting our kids in the wrong path. Now, school students are crazy about violent video games, Xbox games, and play stations. But they lack the interest for playing outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton and hockey. This addiction to the electronic accessories may seem to fulfill our world apparently, but in the long run, it absolutely destroys our capability to create, to think and to imagine.

There is no better alternative than learning from socializing with other humans, having a direct interactive session with them by meeting and exchanging information with them. You won’t have to Google search if you have real friends, not as in facebook friends. So you need not worry about whether you give your kid a smart phone or not but make sure you give your child the proper environment to grow up and have a healthy future.

Bullied Girl, 8, Whose Twin Brother Wrote to Santa Asking for Help Gets his Wish

An 8-year-old pupil, whose letter went viral after requesting Santa to prevent children at school from harassing his twin sister, got his appeal accomplished on the “Good Morning America” show. His twin sister, Amber, an enthusiast of the group Big Time Rush, was sung to by her much loved group in New York.

via abcnews
Image Credit: Courtesy Karen Suffern

The 3rd grade pupil, who experienced harassment at school, was surprised after her icons walked out and sung to her with an exceptional performance, getting a much-wanted beam to her face.

The story began after the twins’ mother, Karen Suffern, requested her 8-year-old identical twins to write down a note to Santa with their wishes during the weekend. She anticipated to see books, toys, and clothing and was astonished to notice the sincere appeal from her child for Santa to intervene and stop his sister’s harassment.

“Dear Santa … I would like a [remote control] helicopter and car; however, I do not desire that any longer. Children at school are still bullying Amber and it’s not right since she does not bother them …,” Ryan wrote. “I pleaded that they will discontinue however god is busy and calls for your assistance.

“Is it against the regulations to grant gifts early?” he wrote.

Ryan did not end there. He as well inquired for his sister to get together with her favorite group.

“Can you request Big Time Rush to attend Amber’s birthday celebration?  It will make her very happy.  If you cannot make them to come, however just grant her everything she requests.  Thanks, Santa,” he wrote.

Suffern shared the letter on Facebook with family and some close associates, or so she believed.  After her associates shared it online, nevertheless, the letter became viral, making reports across the world since people were moved by Ryan’s remarks.

“Good Morning America” noticed Ryan’s letter and co-newscaster Josh Elliott met with the twins and Suffern in New York only to be surprised by her favorite band.

(source : abcnews)

An Arizona Woman was Detained for Supposedly Compelling her Boyfriend’s 3-year-old Daughter to Consume Feces as Reprimand

An Arizona Woman was Detained for Supposedly Compelling her Boyfriend’s 3-year-old Daughter to Consume Feces as Reprimand

A lady is facing criminal accusations for supposedly compelling her boyfriend’s 3 year-old daughter to consume her own feces.

Nicole Candelaria (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

The kid’s father states his girlfriend has a bad mood and sensed like she was angry for the reason that their relationship was on the verge of ending.

He states he sensed as if something was off beam however did not make out what was bad.

Candelaria is as well accused of compellingly holding the child on the toilet in her Tempe apartment building. Investigators state bruising on the kid’s side was constant with that.
Police state bruising was as well found on the kid’s back, legs and upper body.

The mother of the kid called law enforcement after she states the 3-year-old told her in relation to the event after a 6-day stay with her dad and Candelaria who was his lover of about a year.

The 3-year-old brother and twin sister observed the supposed abuse.

Law enforcement state Candelaria was taking care of the kids whereas her boyfriend, the dad of the kids, worked.

A Local TV station asked the dad if he trusted the accusations, he responded, “uh yes, however I do not wish to speak to the news”.

Off camera, the kid’s father said he feels responsible, that he sensed something was wrong however states no abuse took place while he was in the house.

Neighbors reported listening to Candelaria yell and hit her boyfriend. He told reporters that just happened one time however confesses she has a bad anger.

When asked if he could allow her back in the house, he responded, “no”.

Candelaria refutes the accusations. She is held in a Maricopa County prison on a $5,400 bond. The kid’s father states his three kids are currently in CPS protection.

source : ksla.com

Meet the world’s strongest boys : Giuliano and Claudiu

Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe nine and seven years old from Romania have sculpted body frame, which is due to their two hours of rigorous training. Giuliano Stroe in a very short time of 9 years has broken two world records of 90 degrees vertical press ups and another of holding on to a pole with body held out horizontally like a flag. Seven year old Claudiu Stroe is following his elder brother Giuliano’s footsteps and is able to perform handstand press ups on a bar; and trying his hand on his elder brother’s flagpole trick.

via hhaiya.com
via hhaiya.com

At a very tender age of 9 and 7 Giuliano and Claudiu don’t even think a second to lift 4 kg dumbbells and frequently lift heavy weights to build their biceps and chest muscles. Fitness regimes of both the brothers is taken care by their father Lulian. He hopes to see his boys achieving international stardom in near future. He also expects that soon his family will be having a Hercules Fame and fortune.

In spite of continuous hard work by the team of father and sons, Stroes findi it difficult to get the earnings as per their hard work and talent. Stroes from Romania tried their luck in Italy for a small period of time, hence they managed to earn a title of Hercules body building family but not enough money to keep up their regimes going. Therefore Luliana is back with his family in Romania and have started scrap metal dealing, which limitedly funds the extensive training of the boys. Luliana seems to be a ambitious father; his ambition is to get his sons fame and fortune. Well all we can wish them is good luck for their future endurances.

sources : 1, 2

video source : GiulianoStroeOfficial     

A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team.

Football enthusiasts in the central African country of Congo were throwing allegations of witchcraft at one another after a freak explosion of lightning struck dead a whole squad on the playing ground while their rivals were left unhurt.

The weird rage by the weather conditions to all 11 affiliates of the football squad was accounted in the daily paper L’Avenir in Kinshasa, the center of Congo. A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team.

“Lightning slaughtered at a blow 11 young citizens aged between twenty and thirty-five years in a football game,” the daily reported. It continued to state that 30 other people had obtained burns at the weekend game, hosted in the eastern region of Kasai. “The team members from Basanga [the home squad] oddly emerged out of this tragedy safe and sound.”

The feeling that the black arts may be engaged arose first of all since the opposing group came out unhurt and on the other hand since the score at the moment was a carefully balanced one all.

“The precise temperament of the lightning has split the residents in this area which is recognized for its use of manias in football,” the daily remarked.

A great deal of the detail in relation to the game remains difficult to understand while Congo – formally recognized as Democratic Republic of Congo – stays wounded by civil fighting between the administration of Laurent Kabila and radical forces, supported by bordering Rwanda, to the east of the nation.

Witchcraft is time and again faulted for unpleasant natural phenomena all over central and western Africa. It is fairly frequent for football groups to sign up witchdoctors to put magic charms on their rivals.

In a related occurrence in South Africa, six football players from a home group were wounded after lightning hit the playing ground, even though there were no losses.

source : bbc

Mother’s last skin to skin cuddle saves her 20 oz baby

At times, a premature baby does not need to be connected to 10 different devices to be granted the opportunity to live.

When Carolyn Isbister placed her 20oz infant on her torso for an embrace, she believed it would be the single opportunity to hold her. Doctors had informed the parents that Rachel just had a few minutes to live

since her heart was pounding once each ten seconds and could not breathe. 


Isbister recalls: I did not wish for her to pass on being cold. Therefore, I picked her up out of her coverlet and placed her next to my skin to give her warmth. Her feet were very cold.

It was the single embrace I was going to have; hence, I desired to recall the moment.” After that, something amazing ensued. The heat of her mother’s skin helped Rachael’s heart to beat well, which permitted her to take small gasps of her own. Mother’s last skin to skin cuddle saves her 20 oz baby

It was unbelievable. She produced a small cry. 

The doctors entered and held there was still no expectation – however, I was not releasing her. We had her sanctified by the hospital priest, and hanged around for her to die. However, she still hung on. Then astonishingly, the pink shade started to come back to her cheeks. She factually was changing from gray to pink in front of our eyes, and she started to heat up as well.

The distressing part is that after the infant was born, medical doctors took one glance at her and whispered ‘no’. They did not even attempt to assist her with her inhalation since they alleged it would only delay her dying. Everybody simply quit on her,” her mom recalled.

At 5 weeks, the ventilator was removed from her and she started breastfeeding by herself. At 4 months, Rachel left with her father and mother, weighing 8lbs – as good as any other strong newborn.

source : dailymail

image : wikipedia


Woman woke up at her own funeral and died

A Russian lady who had been declared dead woke up facing sorrowful mourners at her own memorial service. The surprise of noticing where she was made her to experience a serious heart attack. Her distressed husband is scheduling to take legal action against the hospital.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a 49-year-old lady, experienced a heart attack and fell down at her house in Kazan, Russia, a few days back. She was dashed to the hospital, however was declared dead before long after that.

Woman Dies of Heart Attack Caused by Shock of Waking Up at Her OWN Funeral

Days later on, resting in her coffin at her own memorial service, she woke up to see sorrowful mourners passing by, praying for her eternal soul. She began yelling after she recognized what was going on. She was right away dashed back to the hospital. However, the surprise was a great deal for her, and before long after that, she died for the ultimate time.

The lady’s 51-year-old spouse, Fagili Mukhametzyanov, narrated his wife’s last distressing moments: “Her eyes flapped. However she just lived for an additional 12 minutes in intensive care prior to her dying once more, this time permanently.”

Fagili states that he intends to take legal action against the hospital. “She was not lifeless when they assumed she was and they might have saved her,” he held. “I am extremely annoyed and would like answers.”

Woman Dies of Heart Attack Caused by Shock of Waking Up at Her OWN Funeral

Minsalih Sahapov, a representative for the hospital, alleged that an inquiry would be performed into the issue.

Her last cause of demise was heart failure, in line with reports. Her “initial death” was as well heart-connected, an alleged heart attack.

This is not the initial time a memorial service has taken an unanticipated twist. In current years, a man turned up breathing for his own memorial service in Brazil and an untimely baby pronounced dead woke up ahead of his own memorial service before dying soon after in Paraguay.

(source : dailymail.co.uk)

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