There’s a company in Switzerland called Algordanza that will turn your ashes into a diamond for your family.

Everyone loves diamonds, but one company has gone as far as making diamonds from dead people’s ashes! They enabled people to ‘wear’ their loved ones wherever they go, after their death of course. This rather unsettling idea has originated from a Swiss company called Algordanza.

Since carbon is the essential ingredient for a diamond, it is extracted from the ashes of the dead.

The extracted carbon is then turned into graphite and heated at the temperature of 2700ᴼ Fahrenheit under the pressure of 870,000 pounds/square inch.


The final outcome of this process is a beautiful diamond which may be white or blue, as per the levels of boron in the ashes.

You can get it engraved and wear it, keeping your loved one to always be with you.

Or, keep the diamond as a souvenir of your dear one.

So the cremation diamonds are real and genuine and they extract these carbon atoms from the ashes and make them go through all the manufacturing process to make these diamonds. The diamond made will be ever-lasting and will stay for another couple of generations. But the process doesn’t come cheap, and costs $4,500 USD or more.

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Shocking Story of a Woman Who Gave Birth to a Mummy

Zahra Aboutalib carried her unborn baby for nearly half a century. In this captivating story, her surgeon and doctor give details on how her child died, how it lived in her that long and why it in no way killed her.

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Zahra was 26 after she got pregnant however; she did not deliver her child until nearly half a century afterward. Her amazing story starts in 1955, after her waters broke and she visited a hospital to deliver her child. A few minutes before she could see her doctor, she witnessed a woman and her child die throughout a Caesarean section. Frightened, Zahra took off from the hospital.

The child stopped kicking while on her way home. She strived to disregard the child in her womb and determined to trust in the legend of the ‘sleeping child’. In Moroccan society, it is assumed that babies can survive in a person’s womb to guard her honor.

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via vyperlook

Even though Zahra’s reputation did not require safeguard – she was married – this conviction gave her console. In addition, amazingly, her periods started once more however she in no way fell pregnant once more though. Therefore, two years later on Zahra and her partner adopted three kids, relaxed to family life, and stopped thinking about the ‘sleeping child’.

For more than 40 years, she sustained excellent health until crippling stomachaches struck her one day. An ultra-sound exposed her ‘sleeping child’ was, actually, an ectopic pregnancy, which means the baby grew in the fallopian tube.

Rather than being disallowed or breaking Zahra’s tubes leading to death, it had been received as just a new organ, although it was lifeless. Now, 47 years behind its expected date the child was taken out through Caesarean section. It was 17” long and weighed over 7lbs– the normal weight and size of an infant.


British woman has been jailed for trolling herself

24 years old Michelle Chapman from Cornwall United Kingdom, was jailed for trolling herself. Mr Jackson father of Michelle chapman decided to trace his daughter after getting married to Louise Steen in 2010 and after 21years father and daughter were united. Chapman travelled to her father’s home in north of England and eventually they started quarrelling. After falling out from her father and step mother, Michelle’s online campaign of splitting them up started by sending some bizarre and unpleasant sexual nature abuses started.  Initially to frame her father, step mother and other family members she reported police about these trolled and abusive messages.  On the basis of this complaint, police arrested Michelle’s step mother Louise and warned her father Roy Jackson and other bewildered relatives for not behaving the same.  From February 2011 to October 2011 Michelle Chapman has made 8 complaints against her family members. She later admitted her offence and also explained that she wanted to make life of her family members’ hell. British woman has been jailed for trolling herself on Facebook

Chapman’s year long vendetta was only rumbled when the cyber experts confirmed that the offensive Facebook accounts were set up from Chapman’s registered house address at Par in Cornwall.  Details of this criminal plot was revealed at Truro Crown Court , Cornwall. During trials she also admitted that her thread of abusive messages between February 2011 and March 2012 were the consequence of her intentions to drag her family members , her step mother and father in to the court of justice.

Martin Pearce on Chapman’s defence said that she is suffering from mental health problems and also understands that what her victimized family members must be going through.

Glyn Chapman, 57 year old husband of Michelle also cried for help for his wife as she suffers from mental health issue.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark confiscated her computer, and gave her order of not maintaining any kind of contacts or relations with the victimized family members.  He also added that due to her malicious and abusive behavior many people got stress and uninvited disappointment.

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A Woman buys two iPhones for $1,300 but gets only apples

An Australian woman bought two iPhones from a Web site but when she received her packages, they contained just one apple each.

A woman in Australia who went onto the classifieds Web site Gumtree, in search of a couple of iPhones. The core of an agreement was reached between the woman and another woman who called her on seeing the ad.  They arranged to meet at a McDonald’s in the Sunnybank suburb of Brisbane.  All went very well. The buyer handed over 1,500 Australian dollars (around US $1,336). In return, she got two shiny new iPhones still in their shiny new boxes.


At least, that’s what she thought.

But when she opened the boxes all that was inside were two apples. One in each box.

Yes, these boxes were all natural logo and no gadget. The seller had been rotten to her pips.

Though some might wonder what special care the seller must have taken to fit two apples precisely into iPhone boxes.



The Amazing Love Story Of Katie Hill and Arin Andrews

The Amazing Love Story Of Katie Hill and Arin Andrews . A Boy who was a Girl and a Girl who was a Boy, Fell In Love after they both had gender reassignment surgery.

Andrews and Katie look like every young couple, although the young adults’ love story has an exceptional twist.

The Tulsa, Okla., teenagers have been dating for more than a year. They hit it off at a transgender support meeting whilst they were each changing to the opposite sex, and it did not take long for them to fall in love.

The duo has lots in common. From a tender age, they both felt not fitting in their bodies and had to tolerate harassment in school. It emerged, what Andrews had, Katie desired, and the other way round.


Katie, who is 19, was born “Luke,” and fought with gender personality from a tender age. The brown-haired woman held she was disheartened and humiliated all through her formative years. She first attempted committing suicide while she was 7 years old. While she was 15 years, she admitted to her mom that she was transgender and solicited for her assistance in turning into a girl.

For Andrews, it was the reverse. He was born a young woman named “Emerald” who participated in shows and took part in dance concerts. However, Andrews held he felt like he ought to have been putting on pants rather than dresses.

Both have gone through surgery to change their outer looks. Katie moved to California some days following her 18th birthday for sex reassignment operation. An unidentified donor paid the almost $40,000 in expenses.

Andrews had his breasts surgically taken out in June.

Following years of hurting, the duo appears to have at last found joy, with each other and with themselves.


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A 12-year old girl has become Britain’s Youngest Mother

A 12 year old school girl gave birth to a 7lb 4oz Girl two weeks ago, she was pregnant by her 13 year old boyfriend when she was 11 years old and was still in primary school. As per the records, she is recorded as the youngest mother in the U.K. The year 7 pupil and the baby’s father who claim to be head over heels for each other have been together for a year and now are believed to be the youngest parents in Britain.

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A 12-year old girl has become Britain’s Youngest Mother

Maternal grandfather of the new born admitted that initially when he came to know about his daughter’s pregnancy. He broke in to emotions but now he is a proud father, to see his daughter bring something beautiful in the world rather than getting in to drugs; hence he wishes to support his daughter and grandchild in every possible way.

In conversation with Nick Ferrari on LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) father of the youngest mother claimed himself as a ‘proud granddad’ and also withheld the new parent’s identity while speaking to Nick, but he also assured that both sets of the parents are supporting youngsters.

Girl’s father also revealed that his daughter’s pregnancy was found by him just a month ago, during that time she was already 8 months pregnant, the baby was about to come into the world anyways. So in this case father had no option but to support his young daughter in spite of the fact that it is heartbreaking for both the families but again time cannot be turned. He also mentions that the families were clueless about the young couple’s sexual activeness, but also pledges that he will not let his 9 year old son and 3 year old daughter to do the same mistake.

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A Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years

I think after reading the title you might have got the taste of creepiness which would be in this post. As the title tells you, a man living in Vietnam dug up his wife’s body and then with the help of clay he molded it into a female mannequin and now he sleeps with her and tries to get the pleasure he used to get with his wife.A Vietnamese Man Slept Next To Dead Wife for 5 Years

This 55-year-old guy named Le Van lives in the central Quang Nam Province with his son and his dead wife.


According to various reports, it is said the Van used to sleep besides his wife’s grave after she died in 2003. He made a tunnel and used to sleep everyday besides her wife’s grave. But soon the neighbors got to know about this practice and stopped him from doing so. But Van didn’t stop there, again in 2004 he returned to the grave and this time he dug the corpse of his wife and took it to his home. He moulded it with clay and made a female figure with his wife’s remains.

Van and his son assume her as his wife and his son’s mother. They both used to sleep with that figure and used to fulfill the need of mother and a wife.

But this might be soon ended as the local authorities say that according to new sanitation laws a body must be cremated or buried and these type of burial can’t be done in residential places without special permission.


Woman woke up at her own funeral and died

A Russian lady who had been declared dead woke up facing sorrowful mourners at her own memorial service. The surprise of noticing where she was made her to experience a serious heart attack. Her distressed husband is scheduling to take legal action against the hospital.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, a 49-year-old lady, experienced a heart attack and fell down at her house in Kazan, Russia, a few days back. She was dashed to the hospital, however was declared dead before long after that.

Woman Dies of Heart Attack Caused by Shock of Waking Up at Her OWN Funeral

Days later on, resting in her coffin at her own memorial service, she woke up to see sorrowful mourners passing by, praying for her eternal soul. She began yelling after she recognized what was going on. She was right away dashed back to the hospital. However, the surprise was a great deal for her, and before long after that, she died for the ultimate time.

The lady’s 51-year-old spouse, Fagili Mukhametzyanov, narrated his wife’s last distressing moments: “Her eyes flapped. However she just lived for an additional 12 minutes in intensive care prior to her dying once more, this time permanently.”

Fagili states that he intends to take legal action against the hospital. “She was not lifeless when they assumed she was and they might have saved her,” he held. “I am extremely annoyed and would like answers.”

Woman Dies of Heart Attack Caused by Shock of Waking Up at Her OWN Funeral

Minsalih Sahapov, a representative for the hospital, alleged that an inquiry would be performed into the issue.

Her last cause of demise was heart failure, in line with reports. Her “initial death” was as well heart-connected, an alleged heart attack.

This is not the initial time a memorial service has taken an unanticipated twist. In current years, a man turned up breathing for his own memorial service in Brazil and an untimely baby pronounced dead woke up ahead of his own memorial service before dying soon after in Paraguay.

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