5 unknown Realities about Titanic

TitanicYou might have learnt a lot about the famous ship Titanic. The incident of Titanic was highly dreadful and horrible whose picture still can are in the minds of common people who’ve viewed the ship in reality. The incident of Titanic was took place on April 14 1912 when the ship hit the ice berg at 11:40 p.m. But this is not enough knowledge about the ship Titanic because there are some untouched facts about Titanic which are difficult to believe but in actual they are reality.

  • The Titanic ship was scheduled on 14th April 1992 earlier the day on which the ship struck the iceberg. But the ship scheduled time was cancelled by Captain Smith for unknown reason. It is believed by many people that if the drill was scheduled on its decided time then definitely there was no such incident happen.
  • The captains and officers running the ship were given only 37 seconds to react before the Titanic hits the iceberg. The first Officer Murdoch ordered the engine room for putting then engines in reverse direction.
  • Lifeboats that were sent on the rescue operation were very less in number. There was enough space on the lifeboats also but only 24 people were able to sit comfortably on the lifeboat. Lifeboats do possess capacity of 65 but many people frightened to enter on to the lifeboat because they have a fear of being getting drown on the sea.
  • During the time of Titanic incident, another boat was just closer for rescue but because of delay on orders by the captain, the rescue boat can’t able to save the life of people who were about to drown on the Titanic.
  • In the incident of Titanic, apart from some human beings, two dogs were also rescued into the lifeboats. There were total 9 dogs onboard the Titanic but only a Pomeranian and a Pekinese were saved in the rescue operation.

5 Unknown behind the Screen Facts about Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man needs no introduction to anyone. Iron Man has become an icon for the youngsters and teenagers of the modernized world. Everyone was fascinated by the acting of Tony stark and the technology used by the director of this series was outstanding. But you must be unaware of the facts behind the screen.

  • The first release of Iron man series was launched in 2008, which has made this certified character and iconic model for the teenager’s especially small kids. Iron man series has given a new superhero to Hollywood who works really very hard to achieve the success as an Iron Man.
  • For the Iron Man series, the Director has chosen Tom Cruise first instead of Robert Downey. In fact, director wants Tom Cruise to be an Iron Man because his career was at its peak point because of massive success of ‘Mission Impossible’ series. The script of movie was not liked by Tom Cruise and thus the lead role of Tony Stark or Iron Man was given to Robert Downey junior.
  • JARVIS was the special name of Iron Man AI system which helps Tony Stark to do super heroic activities. But did you know the meaning of JARVIS? Hopefully not, Jarvis was an acronym for ‘Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.’
  • Tony Stark when having full power can lift up to 100 tons. Such concept used after considering the maximum lift of Hulk by the director of movie. Iron Man gets more popularity in the Avenger series when all superheroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor unite and fought against aliens.
  • You’ll be shocked to know that the Iron Man suit will soon become a reality as Lockheed martin a famous industry is in process of developing Iron suit after getting inspiration from the movie. Other industries too are making efforts for designing Iron Man suit.



MarsMars is the ultimate mystery when it comes to our solar system. Gradually, we’re beginning to unravel facts about the elusive planet. Our understanding and knowledge of the planet has expanded for the better. Here are some fascinating Mars facts that will give you a whole new perspective:

  1. All the information we have about Mars has been gathered by land rovers and orbiters. Man has never been to Mars!
  2. Mars has a surface consisting of minerals rich in iron. When they oxidize, they give a reddish appearance to the planet. This is why Mars is called the red planet.
  3. Without your spacesuit, you’d instantly die on Mars. This is because the atmospheric pressure on Mars is extremely low. At such low pressures, liquid water boils. Thus, your blood to boil and turns to bubbles, leading to immediate death.
  4. Mars has two faces. The northern hemisphere has low lying plains that give it a younger appearance while the southern side has a rocky terrain and is full of craters.
  5. Mars has four seasons like the Earth. The rotation axis of Mars is tilted at an angle similar to that of Earth. So, Mars has seasons like winter, summer, fall and spring. However, these seasons are twice as long on Mars as they are on our planet.
  6. The volcano on Mars, called Mount Olympus/Olympus Mons, is the tallest mountain of the solar system. It is about three times higher than the Everest. Its volume is about a 100 times greater than that of Earth’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa.
  7. It is widely known that Mars has water but not in the same form as it is on the Earth. Scientists are of the opinion that a long time ago, there was liquid water on the surface of Mars. They have found various materials on the planet that could only have been possible in the presence of water.


soccerSoccer is much a religion as it is a sport. Followed by almost every country, soccer stars are often meted out God like treatment! Here are some interesting soccer facts you probably didn’t know:

1.    The word ‘soccer’ is a distortion of the original phrase ‘association of football’. It is widely recognized as ‘football’, except in North America.

2.    The World Cup finals have always seen European countries, except in 1930 and 1950!

3.    An interesting fact is that the soccer ball we see today may have its origins in the human head! One of the theories suggests that around 250 BC, the balls were made of animal skin.

4.    The FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup) is the oldest soccer competition in the world.

5.    The first player to perform the famous ‘bicycle kick’ was Ramon Unzaga from Chile. He performed the kick in the El Morro Stadium of Chile in 1914.

6.    India qualified for the 1950 World Cup but later withdrew because FIFA did not allow them to play barefoot! Such was the level of comfort playing without shoes that they withdrew when they were asked to play with them.

7.    During a match, Italian goalie Grosso was sent off of the field for offending the referee by suggesting he needed glasses. However, it was later discovered that Grosso owned an optician’s shop and was said to have been handing out helpful advice.

8.    Martinho Eduardo Orige of Brazil holds the World Record in juggling the soccer ball for a staggering 19.5 hours. He made this record in August 2003.

9.    Brazil holds the World Record for winning the World Cup the greatest number of times. It has won the World Cup five times since 1930.

10.    Chile was banned from the 1994 World Cup because during the qualifying match in 1990, the goalkeeper Rojas faked being hit by a firework! He was banned for life.


choclateThere is no indulgence quite like chocolate. We enjoy it in a variety of forms but are probably not aware of the interesting facts related to chocolates. Here is a compilation of 10 facts about chocolate:

1.    The name ‘chocolate’ is derived from the word ‘xocalati’, meaning bitter water. The Aztecs combined cocoa, cornmeal and chilli peppers to form a drink that they called ‘xocalati’.

2.    Chocolate reduces the risk of a heart disease by 35%. It is high on fat but doesn’t lead to a rise in your blood cholesterol levels.

3.    Chocolate cravings can only be satisfied by chocolate itself, no other sweet or candy.

4.    Chocolate acts as a mild anti depressant by raising endorphin and serotonin levels in your brain. It also contains a small percentage of caffeine.

5.    America is one of the largest consumers of chocolate, accounting for 50% of the total chocolate consuming population.

6.    People who have a large amount of chocolate are less likely to suffer from dementia during old age.

7.    It can be statistically shown that countries with a high chocolate consumption rate are more likely to produce Nobel prize winners. This is a fact well documented by the list of Nobel Prize laureates.

8.    As is famously believed, chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing serotonin levels in your brain. It leads to a better and brighter mood. It is also known to soothe sore throats and suppress your body’s reflexes.

9.    Some people feel adept at solving mathematical problems after having chocolate. It is also proven by UK scientists who argue that having chocolate leads people to think faster and better.

10.    Chocolates are not known to cause any allergies and lead to a reduction in the feeling of hunger. Another reason to grab that bar of chocolate!

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