Faith,The Two-Legged Dog, Who Is An Honorary Sergeant In The U.S Army

Faith a two legged dog owned by Ms Jude Stringfellow, was born with one of her front leg missing and where as the other was amputated due to its deformed structure. Ms Strongfellow’ son adopted faith and took care of her.

During her initial days with the family she was carried all over the place. Her lure for spoonful of peanut butter helped her jump and eventually walk with her two hind legs. Hence now little faith walks with lots of confidence. This confidence and spirit of fighting against all odds made little faith a sensation, her regular appearance on talk shows and various newspapers. A website dedicated to faith is owned by Jude, she also left her teaching post to take faith around the world, and let people know that one can have a perfect soul in spite of a imperfect body, Jude takes little faith to the hospitals to see veterans, faith’s visit to veterans is filled with lots of jumps, laughter and barking.

Faith is accepted with immense love, warmth and surprise and pointing. Jude also mentions that during faith’s visit to the hospital make many veterans who lost their limb and friends get reminded of the fact that, life doesn’t stop. People express gratitude, to Jude, some just stay awestruck. Because of faith’s popularity Jude receives lots of mails from her fans and admirers, there is also a website dedicated to faith which is taken care of by Jude. Young US army men, too find faith astonishing, as she creates lots of positivity and gives them strength in a way to survive in the hazardous environment, Faith’s come what may attitude will soon be penned down in a inspiring book named ‘With a little faith’.


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Incan Girl who had been frozen for 500 years

We all know that there are mummies and they are wrapped up in cloth and kept in coffins. But this time it is little different, this mummy was found in 1999 by an expedition group. Unlike other mummies, this was frozen in Ice and it is till now the best preserved mummy ever. This is a mummy of a 15 year old girl who is named as ‘La Doncella’ which means The Maiden in English. She was frozen for more than 500 years in the ice but still her body looks like she is dead only a few weeks ago.


Incan Girl who had been frozen for 500 years

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From the condition of body it was judged that the Incan people used to take the victims to the mountains and left them there to die. After the judgment of the body, scientists say that the Inca religion followed the practice of Sacrifice for the god in which they used Children as the victim.

This sacrifice was done by the priests as they took children to mountains and gave them a drug to minimize pain, fear and resistance. After the drug was given to children they used to kill them by giving a blow to the head and left them unconscious in the white snows which lead to their death.

 (source : sciencedaily)

5 Amazing Facts about Talking Parrots

Talking ParrotsYou must have a parrot as a pet in your house or other premises. But your pet is able to talk perfectly? Talking parrots are the premier choice for the homeowners nowadays to keep in their premise because they have special ability to mimic human speech. It will not be wrong to say that parrots are super brainy in nature. Here are some special facts about parrots that can make you amaze on such living creature.

  • Parrots are the most intelligent creature in the world who can grab attention of everyone by showing their chatty and intelligence behavior. Their memory power is extremely sharp and they can recognize everything very fast.
  • Parrots are good mathematicians too who can count numbers and can figure out colors having different names by using numbering power. They are the good learner of education and their learning power is equivalent to a memory storage power of a 2 year child.
  • Parrots are best specie of bird that can make intense relationship with human beings. They can maintain intense relationship with not only human beings but also they can maintain such relationship with other creatures that have same ability to mimic human speech.
  • Parrots are friendly in nature and like to make extraordinary bonds with everyone with whom they live in hose or in jungle. They are blessed with amazing interpretation power but many people consider their ability to interpret somehow fascinating and funny.
  • Parrots re the creature with intense memory power which they utilize in the right way. They show same behavior like human being and can also sense the feelings of harsh, sorrow, happiness like living beings. This feature makes them different from other birds and animals that live in forest.

So, are you satisfied with the fact which is told here about parrots or not?

5 facts about Tinamous which you can’t imagine

TinamousIn this nature, many species of birds are found which lives under different climatic condition. Many of the birds species found in nature are truly uncommon whose name not even heard by anyone. Tinamous are one of such bird’s specie which is known only to few people. Tinamous are different bird specie which owns shy behavior. It is only due to shy behavior of this bird specie that they’re not known to everyone. Here are some interesting facts about wonderful bird which you can’t even imagine about such specie.

  • Tinamous are shy bird that can be panicked easily. They possess high speed of flying than other birds found in nature but their fast flying ability many times results in putting them in dangerous situation instead of escaping from such trouble.
  • Tinamou is bird of timid nature and they’re rarely seen on the forest and jungles. This wonderful bird is very well camouflaged Pin It but tend to panic faster as they spotted by the viewer.
  • Whenever they’re viewed by other creatures like animals or human beings, they show a high speed flight by shooting their body in the upward direction. They’ve little power to fly circular but when they fly straightly, you can’t even image their flying speed as in just a moment Tinamous can become out of your eyes reach.
  • Tinamous belongs to the species of Ostriches thought ostriches are completely flightless and Tinamous can fly fast. The main reason why Tinamous is considered as an Ostrich is that they are able to fly for a short duration only than compares to other flying creatures.
  • Tinamous are not able to swim on water but many times they enter to the lake or ponds especially when they’re panicked by someone. Their life span is somehow higher than other specie of birds belonging to the flying category.

5 Interesting facts about Ostrich

OstrichOstrich is the largest living bird in the world and it is well known for having very fast running capability. In fact, Ostrich can run up to 60 miles per hour which is really a bench for any living creature. Ostrich is a completely flightless creature but their running speed worth’s more than the flying ability of Ostrich. Here are some interesting facts about Ostrich which I’m sure you’ve never read earlier anywhere.

  • Ostrich are related to life evolutionary tree which makes them somehow similar to chicken. But in reality chickens and ostriches are distant cousins.
  • Ostriches are related to the big birds of Sesame Street and are capable to view human beings even from the upper height of 9 feet comfortably. Their running speed is 60 miles per hour and their tall as well as colorful body makes them most beautiful living creature in the world too.
  • The weights of Ostriches are very high even than Tinamous. Ostriches weigh at a hefty 350 pounds. You can imagine their weight only by having a look on to their eggs which are 6 times thicker in shape then eggs of normal chicken. Their eggs are very strong and can bear the load of an adult man standing on it without causing even small crack on to the egg.
  • Though, ostriches are big, fast and heavy yet is will be wrong to say that smart creature because in reality ostriches are not so smart and their memory sharpness is weaker than their eye-sight.
  • Many times it seems that Ostriches sticks their heads in the sand but in reality, they do not stick their heads in the sand, they just do acting of sticking their heads so that they can easily catch their meal without any disturbance.

I hope that all these fats about Ostriches mush have shocked you a lot.

4 Fantastic facts about Madagascan Elephant Bird

Madagascan Elephant BirdHow much do you actually know about different kinds of birds found in nature? Do you know all the species of birds found in nature perfectly? Hopefully, your answer will be no because there are many species of birds who are totally away from the reach of common man because of having shy or timid nature. Madagascan Elephant Bird is one of such bird who’re rarely seen in the forest, jungles, mountains, hills, seas and oceans where birds arrives and departs every now and then. Here are some fantastic facts regarding Madagascan elephant bird that will make you feel shocking.

  • The body shape of Madagascan elephant is somehow similar to the body shape of an Ostrich but the difference between both the birds is that Madagascan birds grows up to Eleven an a half feet in height.
  • It is believed by the people who have heard the name of Madagascan elephant that they have fearless and daring nature because of having fearsome personality. But in reality, Madagascan Elephant birds are completely harmless and they love to grazed on herbs and leaves that makes them really wonderful than other animal predators.
  • Madagascan elephant bird are considered a beast by hunters and their regular hunting of Madagascan Elephant birds has resulted in their extinction on 16th century.
  • Madagascan elephant birds are also very poplar among the people who loves to get knowledge about different species of birds. Madagascan elephant birds possess impressive bones which brings the memory of dinosaurs once again back in the minds of people. Their bones are highly impressive in nature. Their large sized bones are found to be very effective and useful for them to fly fast in highly atmosphere.

These are the shocking facts about Madagascan elephant bird, how much did you actually know Madagascan elephant birds in real life.

4 Untouched facts about Humming Bird

HummingbirdHumming bird is the smallest bird found in nature and is not hunted by the hunters. That’s why; Humming birds are preserved from extinction. In the book of General knowledge and in Animal television shows, you’ve learnt a lot about this beautiful bird. Here are some more interesting facts about humming birds which are rarely known to only few people.

  • Humming birds are regarded as the smallest fly specie of bird that exists in nature. Humming birds are very tiny and small in size like small bee. Overall length of humming birds from their bill tip to the tail tips is around 2 inches only. When measured in centimeters, their light is counted about 5 centimeters only.
  • Humming birds posses little fella which is not very heavy in weight like fella weight of other bird species. Humming bird is the lightest weight bird in the world and his weight is only 2 grams or 0.07 ounces which is equivalent to the weight of two dimes held on your hand palm.
  • Humming bird is a wonderful creativity of God and looks very beautiful when it flaps its little wing. In fact, humming birds can flap their little wings to about 80 beats per second which is really good to view for every viewer of humming bird.
  • Humming birds are found in dense forests and jungles where the natural scenario is extremely pleasant. Humming birds have ability to switch up and down and can switch left or right with their little body posture. Humming birds also have an ability to fly in backward direction but they can fly backwards only to a limited mathematical precision.

These are the untouched facts that make Humming birds more special when it comes about qualities of wonderful bird species. Really, humming birds are wonderful creature in the world isn’t it?


6 Facts about Wandering Albatross

Wandering AlbatrossBirds are really very special creature on earth which looks very beautiful when they fly high in the sky. Birds of different species are found in natures which are adaptable to different weather conditions. However, there are some special species of birds which do have feathers but can’t fly. Whenever, it comes about charming flightless birds, name of the wandering Albatross usually comes first in the mind of human beings. Here are some special facts about the Wandering Albatross that will surely make you feel amaze about thing wonderful living creature.

  • The wandering Albatross is the largest flightless bird in the world which is usually found in the Turkey. They are well known for having very wide wingspan. In fact, it has a wingspan of total 12 feet under which an adult human being can lie down with ease and comfort.
  • The weight of this wonderful creature is around 25 pounds and they are one of the most long lived creatures in the world. In fact they can live life of 70 or more years.
  • The wandering Albatross received its name as the flightless bird because they are real lovers of flying high in the sky. Their zeal to fly can be predicted as they can fly and cover over 600 miles distance in one day which is really a benchmark of even human beings.
  • During their life, they normally cover a distance of 15 million miles. It will not be wrong to say that the wandering albatross covers the distance of moon 18 times in its entire lifespan.
  • The young wandering albatross on leaving the nest first time, they spent around 7 year flying out at the sea.
  • It is shocking to know that this specie of living bird is on the Red list of conservation status because many of them were caught by human beings during fishing.

5 Unknown facts about Eagle Owl

Eagle OwlEagle owl is that specie of flying bird that needs no introduction to anyone because even small kids have some knowledge about this living flying creature. Owls are the special birds which are rarely seen during day time as mostly they’re seen during night time. It is the world’s most popular night birds whose example is given in proverbs too by many philosophers and poets in their poem or other creativity. Here are some unknown facts about Eagle owl which are never taught in school to the scholars.

  • Eurasian eagle won is the world’s biggest and most impressive specie of own found in nature. Their wingspan is around 5 and half feet and their weights become 7 pounds at the time of winter season.
  • Eagle Owls are well known for having extremely great size. They have an ability to fly silently in the sky which makes them different from other species of flying creatures. Eagle owls also have an ability to glide perfectly on outstretched wings.
  • The size of male eagle owl found to be more than female eagle owl when it comes to Eurasian Eagle owl. However, in other species of owl, females are found to be 3 times bigger than the male.
  • Eagle owls are well known for having distinctive features because they have horns or ears that stick up from the top portion of its head. They are not ears or horn in reality and can adapt themselves to different types of changing climatic condition.
  • Several theories are given about this specie of owl found in nature. They’re the most wonderful creature of the world and look extremely attractive when they span their wing while flying high on the sky. To view them, you need to visit the European countries as they are seen on the forest of European countries during night time.

5 Wonderful facts about Puffins

PuffinsHave you ever heard about the ‘Clowns of the sea?’ Clowns of the sea are the name gives to beautiful specie of flying bird which you know as Puffins. Puffins are the most fascinating specie of bird which actually makes their home or nest on trees. Here are some fascinating facts about this living creature that will make you feel exciting about this wonderful creature.

• Puffins are the sea living creature which is also found on the desert area. They are highly adaptable to different types of changing environmental condition. They usually make their nest and homes in deep underground burrows somehow similar to rabbits.
• Puffins are usually found on remote northern islands because they temperature of such islands are highly favorable them to live. They can make their nest on any trees too.
• They have received the title ‘Clown of the sea’ not because they are funny like clowns in different activities or because of their funny behavior. They are called as ‘Clown of the sea’ only because they are blessed with bills having bright colors which deliver resemblance of their look somehow similar to clown make-up.
• They love to fly high in the sky during day time. They’re able to fly high in the sky only because of presence of hollow bones on their body which supports them at the time of flight. They look very attractive during their flight in the sky.
• It is believed that Puffins belongs to the species of dinosaurs i.e. their evolution is form dinosaurs but many scientists didn’t consider this ideology as a reality because dinosaurs were extinct several thousands years ago from the world and their characteristic does not meet with the characteristic of Puffins.
Really, they’re the most loving creativity of nature which can attract everyone on their first look.

6 Special Facts about flying and Flightless bird

Flightless birdBirds are seen everywhere and looks very beautiful especially when people finds them flying high in the sky. Birds usually fly with an aid of feathers. They’re highly restive to electric current. They are prone to very little diet. These are some basic facts about birds which are known to almost all of you. But still, you didn’t have much knowledge about flying and flightless birds. Well! Now you’ll become a good learner about birds as many special about flying birds are given here, many of them may make you feel shocked too.

  • There are more than ten thousand different species of bird found in nature but only few of them comes under the category of flightless. You might have learnt a lot about Ostriches. Ostriches are wonderful bird species which are popular as flightless birds and can run up to sixty miles per hour.
  • There are many species of birds that can fly high in the sky continuously for a very long time and can cover thousands of miles without any stopping during their migration from one place to another.
  • There are some special species of birds who spends some years in the air when they first left their living place i.e. nest. A swallow is one of such special bird specie which spends 4 years of its life in air after leaving their nest for first time.
  • Chicken also belongs to the flightless bird’s category whose egg is edible and support digestive system of human being.
  • Birds do have presence of mind. Birds like crow and weavers are considered as the smartest creature in the world because they can make and use tools comfortably.
  • Humming is the special specie of bird that can both hover and fly. It is well known for its power to fly in backward direction which is impossible for other specie of birds.

4 Special Facts about George Orwell

George OrwellThe name of George Orwell is worldwide famous for the creativity which he had done earlier. He is well known for his writings. In fact, he was a great novelist, poet, philosopher critic, essayist, and a political polemicist of his time. The contemporaries used by him in this writing were very clear and good and are innovative. His ideas in novels and poetry gives best teaching of humanity to the public. Here are some special facts related to George Orwell and his writings with which almost general public remained untouched.

  • George Orwell was a British from his childhood. He was born in India and acquires citizenship of British Empire on his young age. Before making his image as writer, he served Burma Imperial Police for a period of 5 years from 1922 to 1927. He also joined home Guard during Second World War and also served BBC for sometime.
  • He gained utmost popularity as a famous literary and political commenter while giving his contribution to the success of American Periodicals as well as other popular newspaper and magazines of Britain.
  • His creativity named Nineteen Eighty Four and the Animal Farm was a masterpiece of his writing out of which the latter one was highly criticized by many publishers because it is believed by them that the theme of Animal Farm is based on Soviet American Relationship and may hurt moral of natives living there.
  • George Orwell also participated in the Spanish war. He was a famous writer during World War II. Who traveled across the world and visit to foreign countries like France, England, Burma, Spain and Paris? He started his career as a professional writer when he reached the age of 20.

These are the 4 specials but very encouraging facts about George Orwell which makes him a wonderful personality and man of famous writings. His writings are still the premier choice for reader who loves reading novels.

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