10 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Farts

Farts, disgusting but astounding!

Purple Slog| flickr
Purple Slog| flickr

Farts are intestinal gases that pass out through the body via backward passage. Everyone farts, but a fart gets disgusting when its awful smell peeps in anyone’s nose and shakes the senses.

Considering the same, farts are often ignored as unpleasant things to gain knowledge about. So, here are some interesting facts that you absolutely didn’t know about farts.

1. An average fart is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, oxygen which are odorless gases and comprise 99% of a fart. Whereas, 1% is the hydrogen sulfide, the smelly part. Such a small fraction creates a huge distraction!

2. If you fart regularly for 6 years and 9 months, gas constituting energy of an atom bomb will be produced!

3. The awfulness of a fart varies from vegetables to non-vegetarian foods. Meat and eggs create the most stinking smells. While cauliflower, beans and cabbage are still bearable to some extent.

4. Farts are flammable as they contain methane and hydrogen. A fart has a temperature of 98.6º Fahrenheit. That’s hot!

5. Farting continues even after a person dies. The gases resume to escape from both ends of the digestive tract, resulting in burping or farting noises. This happens because of muscles contracting and expanding before rigor mortis sets in. This can happen after 3 hours of death.

6. The term ‘Professional Fart Smellers’ is used in china to refer to the bold men and women who smell farts to diagnose illness. The ‘fart smellers’ make up to $50,000 !

7. Smelling fart can reduce the risk of cancer, dementia and arthritis as said by the University of Exter. This happens because of tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide, which prevent damage to mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.

8. The female fart smells stinker than that of the male. This is because of a higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide.

9. The speed of a fart is directly proportional to the strength of sphincter muscles. The farts can reach up to a speed of 10 feet per second!

10. The termites are the most prolific farters. It is estimated that about 11% of methane emissions on the Earth are because of the gases passed by termites.

In humans, farting can be controlled by a change in diet and lifestyle. But what stops an animal from the same is yet to be discovered.

References: zomoetdatoddeemandatory

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There’s a company in Switzerland called Algordanza that will turn your ashes into a diamond for your family.

Everyone loves diamonds, but one company has gone as far as making diamonds from dead people’s ashes! They enabled people to ‘wear’ their loved ones wherever they go, after their death of course. This rather unsettling idea has originated from a Swiss company called Algordanza.

Since carbon is the essential ingredient for a diamond, it is extracted from the ashes of the dead.

The extracted carbon is then turned into graphite and heated at the temperature of 2700ᴼ Fahrenheit under the pressure of 870,000 pounds/square inch.


The final outcome of this process is a beautiful diamond which may be white or blue, as per the levels of boron in the ashes.

You can get it engraved and wear it, keeping your loved one to always be with you.

Or, keep the diamond as a souvenir of your dear one.

So the cremation diamonds are real and genuine and they extract these carbon atoms from the ashes and make them go through all the manufacturing process to make these diamonds. The diamond made will be ever-lasting and will stay for another couple of generations. But the process doesn’t come cheap, and costs $4,500 USD or more.

H/T : boredpanda


Steve Jobs strictly limited his kids’ use of technology

Technology: Even Steve Jobs’ kids not permitted to use

If you are familiar with this drastic advancement of technology, then you must have tried to imagine how difficult it becomes sometimes to raise your children in this age. There has been a huge progress in science and technology since the 90’s. The one question that bothers you is whether to introduce your kids with these wonders of technology or not. There is a trend among the engineers of Silicon Valley; they keep their children away from these technological accessories. They send their children to such schools that do not have technological gadgets, like the Waldorf School in Los Altos.

Image Source: www.iclarified.com
Image Source: www.iclarified.com

In this school, no computers or other Electronic gadgets are found and their primary focus is to enhance the imaginative powers, the capability of creation and increase the thinking power of the mind. Our high addiction to mobiles and other gadgets might be a warning for us that we are actually setting our kids in the wrong path. Now, school students are crazy about violent video games, Xbox games, and play stations. But they lack the interest for playing outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton and hockey. This addiction to the electronic accessories may seem to fulfill our world apparently, but in the long run, it absolutely destroys our capability to create, to think and to imagine.

There is no better alternative than learning from socializing with other humans, having a direct interactive session with them by meeting and exchanging information with them. You won’t have to Google search if you have real friends, not as in facebook friends. So you need not worry about whether you give your kid a smart phone or not but make sure you give your child the proper environment to grow up and have a healthy future.

There are 7 different kinds of twins

There are 7 different kinds of twins Identical, Fraternal, Half-Identical, Mirror Image Twins, Mixed Chromosome Twins, Superfecundation, and Superfetation; not sure what they are?? Well they are different types of twins. Most of us are aware about the first two types of twins that are Identical and Fraternal.  Identical twins have different personalities from each other. In spite of the fact that they come from the same sperm and are developed from the same egg, they have certain differences in their D.N.A. In spite of this they do have unique finger prints and similar brain patterns.

There are 7 different kinds of twins

Mirror Image twins are similar to Identical twins. They appear as if they are the mirror image of each other. The best example for this would be if one of the twins is right handed than the other one will be left handed. It also counts habits and dislikes of the mirror image twins. Fraternal Twins are not like Identical twins they have nothing in common except of the same birthday date excluding some rare cases. Fraternal twins may also have different skin colors and complexion.

Half Identical twins are very rare to born. They inherit same genes from the mother but have different genes from the father. So when you see a Twin looking same like his or her mother but have eating or laughing style like his or her father then be assured that the twins are Half Identical twins.

Twins of any type or genre they have always been a part of cute amusement and surprise when we see them in public. The most surprising type of twins is Superfecundation. The development of the second egg happens after a fertilization of the first one, the span of fertilization in such cases is usually after 12 to 48 hours of the first one.

Superfetation is the similar occurrence of more than 1 stage of development in the same animal, but in humans this tendency is quiet different as women have only one uterus; so the delivery of twins depend on their development. In some of these cases labour pain lasts for hours, while in some cases twins are delivered after few days or week.

There is a giant salt city 1200ft below Detroit

image source : scribol.com

When Detroitan’s walks on the streets of their humble city, most of them are unaware that they are walking on the 1500 acres of salt mine.  The mine stretches from Detroit’s metropolitian area all the way to, Melvindale and Allen Park in the South West.  A salt company named the Detroit Salt and manufacturing company shut the mine down in 1983,  As the company incurred loss due to fall in salt prices.

From 1920 to 1950, this salt mine was tourist attraction in the city, thousands of citizens would visit the mine, along with the kids, and most of them on school trips. Even in the busiest time of the mine, packed with many people; mine always appeared to be clean and rodent free.  Surprisingly, the mine was rodent free because rats would have absolutely nothing to eat, besides the left over from the worker’s lunch. Hence nothing lived in the mine, and nor there are any sign of anything living in the past.

Salt city sounds interesting it could be a good sight to watch, nature’s marvelous gift under a motor city, of states.

(source/HT : scribol.com)

The Most relaxing tune ever

According to scientists, This is the most relaxing tune ever recorded.

Listening to Music is one of the most loving way of relaxing. It is been observed that at the time of relaxation a soothing slow song is always preferred by people. Keeping this idea in mind, musical band from Manchester, United Kingdom named, Macroni Union has recorded a 8 minutes long music which helps in sleeping and relaxation, major instruments used in this are piano, guitars and electronic sounds of natural escapes. It is also said that it is harmful to listen to this tune while driving as it lowers down mental activity and induces sleep.

Macroni Union closely worked with sound therapists in order to create soothing tune, which slows breathing and brain activity. Harmonies, rhythms and bass lines are arranged in such a way that the tune slows down heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and also lowers the level of stress hormone cortisol.


In order to see the effectiveness of these tunes, scientists played the song to 40 women and then women were connected to sensors. Hence were gives puzzles to solve in a particular time period in order to increase stress level in them. Through sensors their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing were recorded. Before weightless many different songs were played just to observe their heart beats and brain activity. After some time when the experiment was evaluated, it was astonishing to see that these women were drowsy in lab. As this song has a power of reducing 65% of overall anxiety. In fact it pushes it down to 35% which is very less than the usual rates. The study commissioned by Radox Spa and Bubble bath agrees that this song is more relaxing than a massage or a cup of tea.

During the experiment it was also observed that weightless was 11% more soothing and relaxing than any other song. The magic in this song is because of its components which feature ancient Buddhists chants which create a trance like state. Studies also shows that this world’s most relaxing song.

Hence it would not be wrong saying that this song will be used as therapy for people with anxiety, depression or blood pressure issues.

(source/HT : dailymail, youtube)

An Arizona Woman was Detained for Supposedly Compelling her Boyfriend’s 3-year-old Daughter to Consume Feces as Reprimand

An Arizona Woman was Detained for Supposedly Compelling her Boyfriend’s 3-year-old Daughter to Consume Feces as Reprimand

A lady is facing criminal accusations for supposedly compelling her boyfriend’s 3 year-old daughter to consume her own feces.

Nicole Candelaria (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

The kid’s father states his girlfriend has a bad mood and sensed like she was angry for the reason that their relationship was on the verge of ending.

He states he sensed as if something was off beam however did not make out what was bad.

Candelaria is as well accused of compellingly holding the child on the toilet in her Tempe apartment building. Investigators state bruising on the kid’s side was constant with that.
Police state bruising was as well found on the kid’s back, legs and upper body.

The mother of the kid called law enforcement after she states the 3-year-old told her in relation to the event after a 6-day stay with her dad and Candelaria who was his lover of about a year.

The 3-year-old brother and twin sister observed the supposed abuse.

Law enforcement state Candelaria was taking care of the kids whereas her boyfriend, the dad of the kids, worked.

A Local TV station asked the dad if he trusted the accusations, he responded, “uh yes, however I do not wish to speak to the news”.

Off camera, the kid’s father said he feels responsible, that he sensed something was wrong however states no abuse took place while he was in the house.

Neighbors reported listening to Candelaria yell and hit her boyfriend. He told reporters that just happened one time however confesses she has a bad anger.

When asked if he could allow her back in the house, he responded, “no”.

Candelaria refutes the accusations. She is held in a Maricopa County prison on a $5,400 bond. The kid’s father states his three kids are currently in CPS protection.

source : ksla.com

Meet the world’s strongest boys : Giuliano and Claudiu

Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe nine and seven years old from Romania have sculpted body frame, which is due to their two hours of rigorous training. Giuliano Stroe in a very short time of 9 years has broken two world records of 90 degrees vertical press ups and another of holding on to a pole with body held out horizontally like a flag. Seven year old Claudiu Stroe is following his elder brother Giuliano’s footsteps and is able to perform handstand press ups on a bar; and trying his hand on his elder brother’s flagpole trick.

via hhaiya.com
via hhaiya.com

At a very tender age of 9 and 7 Giuliano and Claudiu don’t even think a second to lift 4 kg dumbbells and frequently lift heavy weights to build their biceps and chest muscles. Fitness regimes of both the brothers is taken care by their father Lulian. He hopes to see his boys achieving international stardom in near future. He also expects that soon his family will be having a Hercules Fame and fortune.

In spite of continuous hard work by the team of father and sons, Stroes findi it difficult to get the earnings as per their hard work and talent. Stroes from Romania tried their luck in Italy for a small period of time, hence they managed to earn a title of Hercules body building family but not enough money to keep up their regimes going. Therefore Luliana is back with his family in Romania and have started scrap metal dealing, which limitedly funds the extensive training of the boys. Luliana seems to be a ambitious father; his ambition is to get his sons fame and fortune. Well all we can wish them is good luck for their future endurances.

sources : 1, 2

video source : GiulianoStroeOfficial     

This caterpillar pretends to be a SNAKE to escape predators

Prof Daniel Janzen, a biologist from the University of Pennsylvania, photographed a caterpillar in Central America; have been working and tracking various kind of cater pillar in Costa Rica since 1978. What amazes Prof Daniel is that Prof every caterpillar in this area seems to be different from another has resembled things like twigs or leaf. Professor also adds that to normal people caterpillars might look creepy and scary but for him it is like walk in park. While he was tracking some cater pillars as a part of his work. Professor says that this caterpillar has a quality of deception.


via dailymail

It extends its end part of the body and tucks its legs. The marking on the end of this caterpillar when extended makes it look like a dangerous reptile. Hence from far end this fat neon green might look scrumptious to any predator. But when it comes closer to this caterpillar looks like a dangerous snake.  One more Trivia added by Professor Daniel is that this example of caterpillar is captured in the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste World, a UNESCO Heritage site to the north-west of the country as a part of the Hemeroplanes family.

Well we all know that Mother Nature has gifted us with different habitant qualities. This caterpillar has the unique one of safeguarding itself from dangerous predators. Hope we all know are predators well and try to safeguard ourselves as per that.

sources : metro, dailymail

A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team.

Football enthusiasts in the central African country of Congo were throwing allegations of witchcraft at one another after a freak explosion of lightning struck dead a whole squad on the playing ground while their rivals were left unhurt.

The weird rage by the weather conditions to all 11 affiliates of the football squad was accounted in the daily paper L’Avenir in Kinshasa, the center of Congo. A bolt of lightning once struck a soccer pitch and killed entire team.

“Lightning slaughtered at a blow 11 young citizens aged between twenty and thirty-five years in a football game,” the daily reported. It continued to state that 30 other people had obtained burns at the weekend game, hosted in the eastern region of Kasai. “The team members from Basanga [the home squad] oddly emerged out of this tragedy safe and sound.”

The feeling that the black arts may be engaged arose first of all since the opposing group came out unhurt and on the other hand since the score at the moment was a carefully balanced one all.

“The precise temperament of the lightning has split the residents in this area which is recognized for its use of manias in football,” the daily remarked.

A great deal of the detail in relation to the game remains difficult to understand while Congo – formally recognized as Democratic Republic of Congo – stays wounded by civil fighting between the administration of Laurent Kabila and radical forces, supported by bordering Rwanda, to the east of the nation.

Witchcraft is time and again faulted for unpleasant natural phenomena all over central and western Africa. It is fairly frequent for football groups to sign up witchdoctors to put magic charms on their rivals.

In a related occurrence in South Africa, six football players from a home group were wounded after lightning hit the playing ground, even though there were no losses.

source : bbc

There is a Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

On the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand, there is a geothermal attraction called as Hot Water Beach. In between high and low tides, warm water from the underground hot spring which rises up through to the sand. This water is availed to the visitors by scooping a shallow hole in the sand and hence shaping it as a small pool of warm water to relax on. But nature’s this phenomenon is only possible in between the time of low to mid tide that is when the water is available to expose the area of sand containing water underneath.


    image credit : Steve & Jem Copley

During holiday seasons hundreds of people with their families and friends visit this beach with a spade and bucket to dig pools which are large enough to relax and lay on. The warmth of water depends on the deepness of the pool. Highest temperature of this water could reach up to 64 degrees. It’s often seen that diggers would also dig a channel to the sea to allow cold water from it to mix in.


    image credit : Steve & Jem Copley


    image credit : takver


    image credit : madeleine_h

With the flow of the high tide, individually created hot pool is washed away, kind of clearing the way for the next batch of visitors. Like every positive has a negative the same way this beach is welcoming and warm till a caution is followed, every visitor has to exercise the same the reason behind this is that the hot springs are very near to the sea even during the low tide, and due to which visitors are prone to be caught under a dangerous rip current and might also have large breaking waves which has already taken a lives of many.


    image credit : valerioveo

Thus this master piece of nature can be relished and enjoyed by having some precautionary measures to avoid accidents.

source : wikipedia

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Facts you should know about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was known to be a very generous dictator of Germany. He freed Germany from the rule of British with his dictatorship. If you think you know everything about Hitler from your history books, then you should think again, because there are some interesting facts you must be missing out on.

Following are some of the interesting facts you should know about The Adolf Hitler:
1. Completely vegetarian dictator. You can’t connect vegetarianism with the man who was completely associated with merciless killings on a large scale. But, Hitler was a vegetarian dictator. He became a vegetarian following the footsteps of his former girlfriend who committed a suicide.
2. What does swastika mean? Hitler was inspired by a very prominent swastika adorned on the arms of a coat in Benedictine monastery. Also, this symbol of swastika was used widely in many places for incarnation. Finally, in twentieth century, Hitler claimed it to be the symbol of Nazi cause.
3. Typical handwriting. A famous psychologist said after studying the handwriting of Hitler that he was a man having typical characteristics with feminine instincts.
4. Awarded by Time Magazine. Hitler was awarded as ‘Man of the Year 1938’ by the very poplar Time Magazine that also noted that Hitler was the greatest force in the year 1938 which today’s freedom loving, democratic world faces.
5. The moustache. Hitler was advised to lose his typical mustache that looked like Charlie Chaplin, but on this advice he bluntly said that if this is not in fashion now, it will be in fashion later, but he won’t lose it. Charlie Chaplin was the one from whom he was inspired. The moustache really helped Hitler in creating his own image among the people of Germany and further becoming a dictator.

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