Ayam Cemani: An Absolutely Black Chicken Breed

It is a common known fact that there are a lot of animals in this world that are black in color like dogs, cats, gorillas. But an amazing fact regarding this particular Indonesian chicken, Ayam Cemani, is the color black is not only limited to its feathers. Each and every body part of this chicken is black in color; even the internal body parts too. It has been seen that even the bone marrow of this chicken is also black in color! The color of this chicken looks so classy on it, that it has been declared as the “Lamborghini of poultry”.



In Indonesian language, the word “Ayam” is referred as chicken and “Cemani” depicts absolutely black in Javanese. The breed was originally found in Java which is located in Indonesia. A Dutch breeder brought this into attention that generated considerable interest from the looks and genetic makeup of this chicken. A single chicken of this specie costs almost $2,500 making it one of the costliest chicken species of the world.



The black coloring of this chicken is generated from the generic traits known as fibromelanosis that develops the black cells. It has been researched that the gene within this species was generated almost 800 years ago. It is the process of mutation that has taken place giving rise to Swedish black hen that is known to possess the same genetic traits similar to Ayam Cemani.


There are a lot of myths related to Ayam Cemani as their meat is thought to have magical powers. Rich in iron content, the meat of Ayam Cemani is effective for pregnant women and these were also sacrificed believing that it will lead to good fortune. It is also believed by Asians that, eating this chicken brings a healthy and prosperous life to them. The only part that is not black for Ayam Cemani is the cream colored eggs that are laid by them. Being a poor sitter, they incubate to hatch their eggs.

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Facts about cows we bet you never knew

Not everybody is aware that the cattle are a lot more than just a horde sitting around languidly chewing their cud.  Your view about them might change after reading these following facts:

via wikimedia
via wikimedia
  1. Did you know that the domestic cows are descendants of wild oxen known as aurochs? Around 10,500 years ago, they were first tamed in southeast Turkey. An approximate 1.3 billion cattle exist today.
  2. Scientists in 2009 discovered that cattle roughly have 22,000 genes and they share 80% of their genes with humans.
  3. The word “cattle” has been derived from a French word “Chatel” meaning property. Cattle remain an indicator of economic wealth in many parts of the world.
  4. Cows on an average spend 10-12 hours in a day lying down.
  5. The average sleep time of a domestic cow is roughly 4 hours.
  6. A milking dairy cow on an average consumes 100 pounds of feed every single day.
  7. The digestion process in a cow results in a large amount of methane. 250-500 liters of methane is produced by cattle per day.
  8. As per a research carried out by Stanford University, 18-51% of global greenhouse gas emissions are contributed by livestock.
  9. Each gallon of milk has about 350 udder squirts.
  10. Researchers have proved that if a cow is named and treated as an individual, she can produce up to 500 more pints of milk per year.
  11. A German study has revealed that cows have a tendency to face either magnetic south or north, while resting or grazing irrespective of the wind’s direction or the sun’s position. It’s still a mystery as to why cows do this.
  12. Cattle have blind spots only in front and behind them. They have almost 300 degrees of vision.
  13. As per a research study, cows have favorite friends and they become stressed upon separation from them. In a study where their cortisol levels and heart rates were monitored upon isolation, their stress levels significantly reduced upon letting them be with their preferred partners.
  14. Cattle cannot see the color red. A bull’s attention is caught by the mere movement of the flag by the matador and not by the color.
  15. Cows have regional accents. It was noticed by a group of dairy farmers that their cows had different moos. One can encounter identifiable dialect variations in small herds as per language specialists.
  16. It has been proved that cows have an excellent sense of smell. They can detect odors up to six miles away.
  17. Hindu nations treat cows as holy and they even have strict laws in their nation to protect them. The toughest punishment for killing a cow has been enforced in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Anybody found guilty of killing a cow can be jailed for up to seven years.
  18. The World’s most expensive cow is Missy which was bought in the year 2009 for $1.2 million at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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