Meet the Twilight Fan Who Married a Cut-Out of Robert Pattinson

A Real Fan of Robert Pattinson Who Married His Cardboard Cut-Out

We know that fans of the stars are crazy about their heroes, but there is one special fan of the super hit movie Twilight’s vampire, Robert Pattinson, who took the fandom to an all new level.  Lauren from Las Vegas got so infatuated by him that she decided to marry a life-size cut-out of her dream man. She went ahead and took wedding vows with the cut-out and lives with it and considers it her prince charming.

Happy couple: Lauren and 'Robert' pose for wedding photo

Happy couple: Lauren and ‘Robert’ pose for wedding photo

She was obsessed with Edward’s sexy look and quietness blended with his superhuman qualities in the movie.  She says that she had decided to marry this very man, the moment she saw his first appearance on the screen.  After a few months, she saw a life size cardboard cutout of Robert Pattinson, and she could not hold herself from buying it.  For the next few months, this cut out accompanied her nearly everywhere as her boyfriend.  She was so happy and excited with her unique partner that she decided to marry him. The wedding ceremony had around 50 guests. She wore a white wedding gown and also got an engagement ring.

The wedding was celebrated with champagne and a five-layered cake with the guests. As this was not enough for her, she also went for her honeymoon to LA with her husband Robert Pattinson (the cutout). For the past one year, Lauren is living with it like his wife and is doing everything that a wife does for her husband: from spending quality time with him, chilling out in bars and restaurants and so on.

Lauren, who will be presenting a thesis that elaborate her reasons for taking such a step, explains in a statement that she was floored by Pattinson’s character right from the time she started following the series. Her strong attachment with the character has made her try and reach a zenith between fantasy and the real world.




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