Peaches are being sold as sexy butts in china

Peaches Replacing Real Butts in China

It’s really nothing new for peaches to be likened to rear ends.  The reason is pretty obvious — there’s a darn good resemblance.  So why not capitalize on that?  That’s what some creative fruit venders in China have done.  They’ve converted peaches into sexy butts, complete with panties of all types.

Peaches are being sold as sexy butts in china

These peaches were probably designed with the intent of being sold to take advantage of the impending romantic Qixi Festival.  Of course they’re being hawked as a novelty present, but they certainly don’t come cheap.  One box consisting of nine panty fruits costs 498 yuan or US $80.

In China the peaches have been drawing a lot of attention, with some people thinking they’re a really clever idea, while some feel they are vulgar.  They are sold under the name “Ripe Fruit”, a name guaranteed to provoke sexual associations.

The idea of the panty peaches was first conceived by a fruit vender from Nanjing, and every pair of underwear is placed on each peach butt by hand.  The peaches themselves come from Yangshan, in Wuxi, which just happens to be an area that has achieved renown for its lingerie and garment industry.

If you’re curious about the taste of these peaches, The Wall Street Journal once referred to Wuxi peaches as “the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth.”

Selling peaches with sex appeal is a trend that has caught on, as fruit venders based in Shanghai and other areas have also begun selling similar peaches.  The Nanjing fruit vender who created them has applied for of all things, a panty peach patent as of a month ago, and is filing a complaint based on infringement with the Intellectual Property Bureau.





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