Vital Metal Facts You Must Know

MetalKnowing about metal and its characteristics is very much important because of which leading a better lifestyle is possible easily. Different types of metals are available in nature, which are differentiated based upon their chemical properties.

Given below are some of the interesting facts about metals for you in crisp.

  1. Metals are malleable as per their natural properties. They are known as good conductors of electricity. Though they are solid in nature, they can be easily bent and turned into any desired shaped necessary as per the requirement.
  2. Several aspects are considered as far as metals are considered. For instance, they are shaped round and used as coins. Gold metal is shaped in the form of rectangles and are sold as biscuits. All these features increase the value of metal.
  3. Every metal has different melting points based upon which they tend to change their state. Stronger metals require a greater boiling point such as iron. However, they tend to cool down quickly attaining their original stage back.
  4. Iron is known to show different property behaviors because of it assumes any shape at greater melting points. This is the exact reason why there is some gap left between the railway tracks. They get to elongate and contract based upon the temperature.
  5. Every metal assumes a symbol originated from the Latin form of words. For instance, Gold is known as Aurum in Latin and is denoted with the symbol ‘Au’. Similarly, it is the symbol ‘Ag’ given to Argentum also known as Silver.
  6. Copper conducts electricity with copper wires considered for the purpose of manufacturing of electric wires. The Latin equivalent of copper is Cuprum and is denoted with the symbol ‘Cu’. There are several such metals offered with unique symbols.

Knowing about all such symbols and names is crucial to solve chemical equations easily.



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