Vital Facts about Time You Must Know

timeBeginning a day without looking at time is not possible for people in general. It is necessary to know about certain crucial facts about which knowing about time from a closer perspective is easily possible.

Here are the facts available for you in a nutshell that you must know.

  1. Time is compulsory to relate activities belonging to the past, present and future. It is necessary for comparing and assessing the speed qualities as well. History is completely based upon events that are directly proportional to time.
  2. Measuring time is possible in many different of which some of the are conventional methods and the others are modern. The most popular one is to have a quick look at the clock. Checking out the sundial or an hourglass too allows you to calculate quickly.
  3. Sundial is a natural clock and is probably used in tandem with an hourglass by the people belonging to the past era to calculate time. More specifically, sundial is completely based upon the changes occurring between sunrise and sunset.
  4. The first pendulum to successfully measure time was invented by Galileo Galilei, which was almost 400 years ago. The method of construction involves a glass shield behind which a pendulum freely swings after having been hanged from a pivot.
  5. Planck time is the smallest measurable unit of time as of now. The term got coined after it has been observed that it is the actual time taken to cover a distance of Planck’s length. The units have been determined based upon a unique Planck’s scale.
  6. According to a recent scientific research, moon is considered to calculate time as well. Perhaps, it is the first and foremost natural calendar the world has ever known. This process has been initiated from as back as 6000 years ago.



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