Top Space Facts that You Must Know

SpaceSpace has always teased man because of its mystery and amazement. Reaching it has been always a complex exercise. Though there are astronauts who successfully ventured into outer space and moon. There are still several aspects that need to be considered in order to experience the best results.

  1. Comets are regarded as small outer space objects known to have originated freely. However, the most famous Haley’s Comet has been first observed back in 1986 in the Solar System. If you would like to see it again, then get prepared in 2061 for its next appearance.
  2. Venus is not just the beautiful planet in the entire Solar System but the hottest as well. As per the successful space research, it has been determined that the surface temperature of Venus is usually 450 degrees Celsius.
  3. Asteroids are outer space objects pass through earth in close succession. However, there are several of them causing a lot of damage in general. It is widely believed that they are responsible for the extinction of dinosaurs and entire life as well.
  4. Moon appears to show up increasing number of craters, rocks and scars because of the less surface movement in comparison to Earth. In contrast, a lot of surface activity takes place upon Earth constantly resulting in earthquakes and volcanoes.
  5. Saturn is popular as a unique planet because of its ring. However, there are several other planets as well such as Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter too having rings, which are not usually visible in general. The ring is widely regarded to have formed because of astral dust.
  6. Astronauts while on their space expedition to moon have left footprints and tire tracks. They will remain there forever as there is no surface activity there and no air to blow them with dust.



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