Things you should remember before giving presentation

presentationPresentation play a very vital role in everyone’s life. Each and every individual has and will give at least one presentation in his/her entire life. So before you go for the most important presentation of your life, make sure you have checked all the below things. These things help you get rid of your shyness, even your stage fear. Hence, just take a deep breath and follow some simple steps before going for a presentation:

Complete knowledge about the topic. Yes, it is the foremost thing for every presenter to have complete information about his/her subject. In this step, you need to know answers of all WH types of questions such as:

ü  What,

ü  When,

ü  Where,

ü  How,

ü  Which,

ü  Who,

ü  Why,

ü  If,

ü  But, and so on.

These questions sound crazy, but if you know how to answer them all, you are surely going to rock the stage.

Be confident. You should show real confidence on your face while you are explaining your topic. Such confidence will only come if you are fully knowledgeable about the subject. This will only happen if you practice your presentation again and again.

Have clear and loud voice. People will like your presentation only when they can hear you, for this you need to have a loud and crystal clear voice. You voice should be audible even to people sitting in the last corner seat.  But this doesn’t mean you have to shout all through your presentation, see the difference.

Throw question to the audience. It is agreed to be a very good presentation when you ask questions to the listener. Interacting with the audience will help you gain their attention and even maintain their interest.

Look good. You should wear a proper formal dress up on the day of your presentation. Your looks speak about you a lot and surely if you are dressed properly, you can automatically get attention and interest from the audience.

Give live examples. Make sure your presentation has loads of examples which can explain and prove each and every point of yours. So think of all the examples you can give to make your presentation successful.

Make it little humorous. You need to include some of the punches or humor in your presentation so that you can gain interest of the audience. The jokes should be according to the crowd who are listening to your presentation. Humor maintains the interest of the audience and keeps your presentation alive.

Keep a volunteer. Using a volunteer is always good because if you have a volunteer in the audience, you can effectively interact with them and hence keep you presentation healthy and very much interesting.

Keep it simple. See to it that your PowerPoint presentation is not too glamorous and jazzy. It should only include important pointers as PowerPoint presentations are only for your help and not for the reading of the audience. So do not add up paragraphs in to your presentation because audience will surely end up getting bored.



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