Things you should never tell your husband

love-your-husbandEven though you love your husband’s very much, there are few things you don’t need to let your husband’s know. You surely need to keep a watch on what you say and you say to have a healthy and happy married life. It is not that if you are comfortable with someone, you can tell him anything you want. Yes, we know being comfortable is with each other is the best part of a marriage life, but sometimes many ugly truths spill out of your mouth, for which you can’t even be sorry later. You need to keep a watch on your tongue too.

Just remember, some things better stay in your own mind, never tell them to your husbands.

  • Never tell your husband that he is just like his father. This sentence will just make him angry and maybe he will even fight with you for this one single sentence of yours. Never blame his for anything that is done by him. He would never tolerate anything spoken against his family.
  • Avoid telling your husband that you have had an orgasm. Lying is not a great idea when you are making love. It is not a great idea to let your husband know that you are pretending your orgasm. So make it clear and straightforward, if you do not wish to make love, just tell him. He will surely understand.
  • Do not ask your husband about his job or when is he going to get a new job. Be careful before attacking on your husband by telling him to find a job which will make him feel that you do not like him around you.
  • If you are offering your husband to do any task, let him finish that. Just because he is not doing as per your guidelines doesn’t mean you will be rude to him and tell him to leave as you will do yourself. Then why did you offer it to him on first place. Just think about it.
  • Never tell your husband that you do not like his mother even if she is a bad mouth or cruel one. No mother is a bad mouth or cruel for her child. So think before spitting such words from your mouth. This could really affect your happily married life. Instead save this opinion for your girlfriends and share it with them.
  • You are very much unsupportive. Avoid telling your husband that hes unsupportive towards you as hearing this from the love of your life will seriously be horrible and very much offensive.
  • An idiot you are. These words are really going to irritate your husband and he is surely going to feel bad at first place. Telling your spouse that he is an idiot is very much insulting.
  • Never tell your husband that he is not worth it and is a waste of time. This is very much insulting and never make your husband feel worthless because all of us in this world are equally important and can make a big difference too.



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