Things you should follow after waking up in the morning

morning wake upMorning blues happen to every other person who hates waking up early in the morning. But, as everyone say, ‘early to bed, early to rise, make you healthy, wealthy and wise’. So as the quote say, it’s very much important to wake up early in the morning so that you can stay healthy, wealthy and even wise. But what next? The question is, even if you wake up early, do you know what are those important things you need to do after waking up in the morning? No. So here’s the list, just scroll down and you will find things you should follow after waking up in the morning:


  • Hit your alarm and take a deep breath so that you can fill your entire lungs with air.
  • Stand up and stretch your limbs so that you can alert your body to wake up.
  • Most importantly, smile. Smiling make you feel more positive and better.
  • Step outside in light, let your body feel the heat of the sun, as this will surely alert your body to wake up.
  • Go to bathroom to empty yourself as this will make you feel more refreshed. Next you need to brush your teeth and comb your hair properly, girls should tie them up and hence, this will make you feel fresher.
  • Splash cold water on your face so that your eyes will get alert.
  • Warm water will make you feel sleepier, so it is better you keep your water a little colder to alert all your body systems.
  • Healthy breakfast habits will make you wake up as soon as possible. The right type of breakfast will make you feel healthy and energetic all throughout the day. Food you should opt for healthy breakfast are:

* Oatmeal or whole grain bread.
* Fruits, granola or yogurt
* Eggs or turkey.
* Green vegetables like spinach, you can even blend them and drink as juice.

  • Exercise and stretch your body. Exercise is a great way to wake up all the system of your also helps you to improve your energy levels which will make you feel revitalized.
  • Take early morning yoga lessons in order to relax your body and refresh your mind.
  • Spend time with your family or close friends making your morning really a good one. Family is the one you must be missing the most when you start working, so it’s better you wake up early and spend some peaceful time with them knowing more about them.
  • Catch the sunrise very early morning and gain as much vitamin D as you can for your healthy living.
  • Make sure you have completed all your routine work like preparing for lunch, paying bills, checking mails, reading documents if you have some time left at home.
  • Wake up yourself and remind your mind that it a fresh new day today. Forget everything whatever that had happened a day before, start a new beginning with a new fine day and enjoy it.



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