Things you should do before you graduate

GraduateGraduation is one of the best thing that can happen to any teenager. A graduate is full of memories, knowledge and experience and much more. Every year thousands of students are about to become graduates and thus, there are various things you can and you should try out doing until your graduation. College days seem to be the best days of your life and what if you even have better memories about your college life during your old age. They are surely going to make you laugh a lot and cry out, sometimes. If you are in the academic year, make the most of it and go out to do things which you haven’t done in your school days. Some of these things are as follows:

ü  Go on tours and visit different places with your classmates and create memories.

ü  Gain a skill that will be completely free for you such as free photography lessons or even free drawing or designing lessons.

ü  Make sure you completely use the concessions offered by your student card until it expires. Because these concessions will be directly next provided to you when you will be a senior citizen.

ü  Fall for someone, give relationships a shot. This is the age to do much more mistakes so that you can experience great things happen for your good.

ü  Become a socialite. Meet as many new people as you can. Exchange numbers, talk to thousands of people. Share your feelings, express them.

ü  Try to attend all your lectures and do all your crazy things there because these are the most significant moments you are going to miss later.

ü  Get to know everyone, someone having different interests, opinions and problems.

ü  Laugh a lot, live freely, sleep whenever and wherever you want and even have ice-creams for breakfast.



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